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Linkin Park Live - 2017.02.16 North Hollywood, California

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February 16, 2017
North Hollywood, CA  United States
NRG Studios (Studio A)
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One More Light Promo Performances
Facebook Live Event
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01. Crawling Piano Version Live Debut; Shortened (No First Chorus or Outro)
02. Heavy Stripped Down Live Debut; w/ Kiiara
03. Burn It Down Stripped Down Live Debut; w/ Kiiara

Show Notes:

- 'Crawling', 'Heavy', and 'Burn It Down' were performed stripped down for the first time live. Only three members of the band were present for the performance - Mike, Chester, and Brad. Brad added guitar to 'Heavy' and 'Burn It Down'. Instead of rapping his verse on 'Burn It Down' as usual, Mike sang it for the first time.

- 'Heavy' featured Kiiara, who is on the studio version of the song. She also sang on 'Burn It Down'.

- Chester and Mike joked around about a funny "show intro theme" when the feed started.

- Between songs, the band members and Kiiara talked about the songs and the band. One of the topics discussed was NRG and how Chester sometimes slept in his car during the recording of Hybrid Theory there.

- After the three song performance, Joe, Rob, and Phoenix joined the band to do a Q&A.


- 'Heavy' was performed live for the first time.

- This was the first time that the piano version of 'Crawling' was performed live and the first time that the stripped down versions of 'Heavy' and 'Burn It Down' were played live. For live guide distinctions, "piano version" is Mike and Chester whereas "stripped down" is Mike, Chester, and Brad (or other members, but not full band).

- A new shortened form of 'Crawling' was performed for the first time, dropping the first chorus and outro (presumably to fit the atmosphere of the piano version).

Other Notes:

- On February 14th, Linkin Park announced a Facebook live stream that would begin at 12:10pm PST on Thursday, February 16th. In the lead up to the event, Linkin Park had been rehearsing for several weeks at Third Encore in Burbank, CA. The lead single for the new album, 'Heavy', was released on Thursday as well, at 7:00am PST.

- Linkin Park performed a stripped down set at NRG Studios, where they had recorded music dating back to Hybrid Theory. It was their first performance of any kind at NRG.

- Music For Relief held a competition with Propeller LA to invite two winning fans to attend the performance.

- This was the first performance of any kind for Linkin Park since June 30, 2016 when Chester and Joe performed two songs in Shanghai, China. This performance does not count in the "Total Performances" number at the top of the 2017 page due to it being a partial band performance (just Mike, Chester, and Brad).


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