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Linkin Park Live - 2015.05.23 Pryor, Oklahoma

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May 23, 2015  CANCELLED
Pryor, OK  United States
Catch the Fever Music Festival Grounds
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North American Summer Shows
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Main Stage
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3 of 4
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Volbeat (also canceled due to weather), Halestorm, Anthrax (set shortened by weather), The Pretty Reckless, Candlebox

Other Notes:

- This was set to be Linkin Park's first show in Oklahoma since February 2008.

- Due to severe storms and tornado watches, the band's set was heavily delayed (over three hours). The festival evacuated the festival grounds twice during the day (first, in the middle of Anthrax's set, and a second time after Halestorm's). The first evacuation was only half an hour, but the second one lasted for several hours due to the severity of the storms, ultimately leading up to the cancellation of the festival. Linkin Park and Volbeat were officially canceled about a half hour into LP's set time. An official statement released by Rocklahoma stated, "Due to the continued inclement weather in Pryor, we will be cancelling the rest of the bands scheduled to perform tonight. We want all our patrons to stay safe, so if you are on-site camping, we encourage you to stay at your campground. We will continue to monitor the weather and will have more information regarding tomorrows performances in the morning."

- Phoenix's LPU chat scheduled for before the show still took place via VyRT, although he was not able to use the video function. This is the first LPU chat done by a band member on their phone, which is a new perk of using VyRT.

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