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Linkin Park Live - 2013.08.03 West Hollywood, California

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August 03, 2013
West Hollywood, CA  United States
Sunset Strip (Outside the Key Club)
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Sunset Strip Music Festival
West Stage
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AWOLNATION, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Finch, Street Drum Corps

Festival B



01. A Place For My Head Long Intro; Ext. Outro
02. Papercut
03. Given Up Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note
04. New Divide
05. With You 2012 Ext. Intro; Ext. Scratch Outro
06. Somewhere I Belong 2012 Intro
07. Lies Greed Misery
08. Points Of Authority
09. Waiting For The End Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 3; Wall of Noise Outro
10. Breaking The Habit
11. Castle Of Glass
12. Lost In The Echo 2012 Intro w/ Holding Company Synth
13. Numb Numb/Encore Outro
14. What I've Done Improv Keyboard Intro
15. Burn It Down
16. In The End
17. Bleed It Out Ext. Bridge w/ Reading My Eyes Verse 1; Ext. Outro
18. Faint Ext. Outro
19. One Step Closer Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- This was the first U.S. show for the band to not feature an encore break since BFD 2011 in Mountain View, CA on June 5, 2011, over two years prior.

- Chester messed up the lyrics to the second chorus on 'New Divide'.

- Chester and Mike both talked about their past history playing on the Sunset Strip before 'Lies Greed Misery'.

- Mike rapped verse two of 'Until It Breaks' over the intro to 'Waiting For The End'.

- Mike and Chester both sang part of the lyrics to 'Numb/Encore' over the outro of 'Numb'.

- The synth stopped working briefly during the first part of 'Lost In The Echo'.

- Mike rapped verse one of 'Reading My Eyes' over the bridge of 'Bleed It Out'. He gave a short speech before he rapped it, saying he wanted to do something special and take it back to the old days when they used to play on Sunset Strip.

Other Notes:

- Linkin Park headlined the Sunset Strip Music Festival's West Stage outside of the Key Club, at the corner of North Wetherly Drive and West Sunset Boulevard. A significant portion of ticket sales from this show were donated to Music For Relief.

- The show on February 16, 2013 at Las Vegas's Planet Hollywood Live was announced and promoted as being Linkin Park's only United States show for 2013. However, things changed when the band was asked to play the Sunset Strip Music Festival, which they announced on May 13, 2013. Mike's statement in the announcement read, "We played our first shows as a band in 1998, on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. When we were approached about an opportunity to play a special show on the strip, we couldnt say no. We are excited to announce that well be headlining the Sunset Strip Music Festival in West Hollywood, CA on August 3. This time we mean it this will be the ONLY U.S. show for the rest of 2013."

- In late May, Mike designed flyers to hand out to promote the show. He joined Brad, Phoenix, Adam, and Mark Fiore on May 21, 2013 to walk around Los Angeles (including the UCLA campus) and hand out custom flyers for the show as well as to meet fans and hang out with them. Fans were able to meet the band during this and an LPTV episode was made that documents it. The band did this promo as they used to do it when they played on the Sunset Strip as Xero, Hybrid Theory and Linkin Park.

- Along with the band headlining the festival, SSMF allowed LP to set up an LPU-only section at the front of the stage for fanclub members. This is the first time in Linkin Park history where this has been done.

- KTLA 5 in Los Angeles livestreamed the concert up until midway through 'Castle Of Glass'. Doug Kolk, a KTLA news reporter, was there to film a news package for the station but the station streamed the first ten and a half songs on their website from a camera located on a building halfway back in the crowd.

- Chester, Mike and Joe watched AWOLNATION's set (directly before Linkin Park) from side stage. Mike actually came out on stage while the band played.


Source 1: Video - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: Jiayi Xu

Time: 50:56 mins

Format: DVD / 2.26 GB

Comments: Incomplete. Includes only 'A Place For My Head' (skip in the middle), 'Papercut', 'Given Up', 'New Divide', 'With You', 'Somewhere I Belong' (intro only), 'Lies Greed Misery' (partial), 'Until It Breaks', 'Castle Of Glass', 'Lost In The Echo', 'What I've Done', 'In The End', 'Bleed It Out', 'Faint' and 'One Step Closer'. Released on LPLive on August 15, 2013, authored by Skipees and [AndOne].


Source 2: Video - AUD (MiniDV: Unknown Canon)

Taper: Kathleen

Time: 77:02 mins

Format: DVD / 2.63 GB

Comments: Full show. Same taper as Pomona 2009, KROQ 2011 and Mountain View 2011.

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