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Linkin Park Live - 2011.01.20 Sunrise, Florida

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January 20, 2011
Sunrise, FL  United States
BankAtlantic Center
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North American Tour Rehearsal
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01. Empty Spaces
02. When They Come For Me 'No More Sorrow' long intro tease after
03. The Requiem Second half only; Speech Scratch Intro
04. The Requiem Second half only; Speech Scratch Intro
05. Wretches And Kings 'Papercut' intro tease & 2 min instrumental jam after
06. Blackout Phoenix on bass guitar
07. Blackout Up through chorus 1; most vocals
08. Blackout Up through chorus 1; no chorus vocals
09. Blackout Up through chorus 1; random vocals
10. Blackout Most vocals
11. Blackout Most vocals
12. Blackout Phoenix now on pads; most vocals
13. Blackout 1 min instrumental jam
14. Burning In The Skies
15. Burning In The Skies 1.5 min instrumental jam
16. Burning In The Skies Mike plays Burning In The Skies solo after song
17. Burning In The Skies Mike plays Burning In The Skies solo after song
18. Burning In The Skies Mike plays Burning In The Skies solo after song (stands @ rear of stage left)
19. Burning In The Skies 2 min instrumental jam; new Shinoda guitar
20. Burning In The Skies
21. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
22. Iridescent
23. Numb 2 min instrumental jam
24. The Radiance w/ keyboard + Catalyst vox
25. Leave Out All The Rest Joe off stage
26. The Catalyst No intro (starts w/ drums); Chester off stage until first "life me up"; random vox
27. The Messenger Chester on acoustic guitar
28. Leave Out All The Rest 1 min instrumental jam

Show Notes:

- Before the soundcheck started, there was about a 20 minute session where Mike and Joe were on stage jamming by themselves. Mike was playing the 'Blackout' piano parts and Joe was playing the 'Blackout' samples over it for about 1/4 of this jam. After that, Chester, Phoenix, and Rob joined them at the front of the stage with paper and pens, making setlists for the tour (as seen on the LPTV episode about this rehearsal). A few minutes later, Mike gives a speech to the fans gathered in the arena and says, "Welcome to soundcheck. We are making our setlists right now. Brad is sick right now so he is not soundchecking, but he will be at the show. All of his guitar parts at the soundcheck are sampled for right now but we want to make sure you know that we do not do that live, ever. Also, we are rehearsing songs tonight that you will not see at the show tonight."

- Between some songs of the soundcheck, the band jammed for a few minutes. The first of these came after 'Wretches And Kings'.

- Phoenix started playing 'Blackout' on his bass guitar. After the fourth attempt, Mike told the fans that Phoenix is still learning to play the bass guitar on the song, but it's hard to get the tech specs right for it.

- After two more takes of 'Blackout', the fans were lined up for a M&G with the band. However, the band was just taking a break to work on setlists for the tour again, and then they continued soundcheck after about a ten minute break.

- Phoenix went back to playing the pads on 'Blackout' after the break. After the first attempt, Mike told the fans that Chester doesn't sing all of the lines of the song every time they rehearse it because of his voice and because it is a hard song to sing.

- After the last 'Blackout' performance, the band played a two minute jam with 'Blackout' piano and improv. drumming and samples. Chester commented that 'Blackout' is like an "80's jam song". After the jam, he said that soundcheck is boring to him and he thinks it is not any fun.

- After most takes of 'Burning In The Skies', Mike would play the solo of the song by himself. On the last guitar solo, he was off behind Joe's DJ stand on stage left. Before the last take, he tried the song with a different guitar.

- During 'Leave Out All The Rest', Joe went to sit on the right of the stage by himself to watch. Chester left the stage after the song.

- Mike told the band to start 'The Catalyst' right after the intro, so it began with Rob playing the drum samples. Chester was absent for most of the song and came back on stage during the first "lift me up" and sang only a few lines of the song until the end.

- Chester played 'The Messenger' on acoustic guitar himself due to Brad being absent.

Other Notes:

- Around fifty radio winners from around the United States were flown in for the rehearsal, which the band was using as a warmup for their North American Tour for A Thousand Suns. The rehearsal lasted around an hour and fifty five minutes with about a ten minute break roughly about halfway through. Winners were treated to a M&G by the band members (without Brad) after the rehearsal.

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