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Linkin Park Live - 2009.07.25

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Show Information

Date: July 25, 2009 Tour: International Tour
Location: Pori, FI FI Event/Festival: Sonisphere Finland
Venue: Kirjurinluoto Arena Show Number: Show 4 of 17
Venue Type: Outdoor
Website: http://www.kirjurinluoto.fi/ Other Bands:

Metallica, *, Machine Head, Turisas, Saxon, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, Diablo, Los Bastardos Finlandeses, Nicole



01. Session Shortened
02. Given Up Ext. Outro
03. From The Inside Ext. Intro
04. Somewhere I Belong
05. No More Sorrow Long Intro
06. Lying From You
07. Points Of Authority Intro #2 w/ Petrified Verse 1; Outro w/ A Place For My Head Verse 1
08. What I've Done AMBO Intro
09. Leave Out All The Rest
10. Numb Guitar Intro; Keyboard Transition Outro
11. Breaking The Habit 2009 Piano Buildup Intro; Acapella Outro
12. Shadow Of The Day
13. Crawling Krwlng Intro w/ Hands Held High Verse 1
14. In The End
15. Bleed It Out 2009 Drum Solo Intro; Ext. Fast Ending
16. New Divide Synth Intro
17. Faint Ext. Outro
18. One Step Closer Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- Mike rapped verse one of 'Petrified' over the intro of 'Points Of Authority' and verse one of 'A Place For My Head' over the outro.

- Mike rapped the first verse of 'Hands Held High' over the Reanimated intro to 'Crawling'.

- Something went wrong with Mike's keyboard after 'Leave Out All The Rest'.

- Brad played a guitar intro to 'Numb' similar to the one he played in Riga in 2008, but for a longer period of time. Joe played some of his gunshot samples from 2007 over it as well.

Other Notes:

- Linkin Park was the direct support for Metallica.