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Linkin Park Live - 2009.06.22 Westwood, California

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June 22, 2009
Westwood, CA  United States
Outside of Mann's Village Theater
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Transformers 2 Premiere
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01. What I've Done AMBO Intro
02. Faint Ext. Outro
03. Numb
04. In The End
05. Bleed It Out Ext. Intro; Ext. Ending
06. New Divide Live Debut; Synth Intro

Show Notes:

- After 'Bleed It Out', the band said good night and left the stage. The lights went out and a few minutes later, Mayleen Ramey introduced the band back to the stage for 'New Divide'.


- This was the first time that 'New Divide' was performed live.

Other Notes:

- The show was held at the corner of Le Conte Ave and Broxton Ave, right outside of theater that debuted Transformers 2: The Revenge Of The Fallen. In order to hold the show in the street, the TR2 crew had to take over and shut down the Wilshire and Mann Villages in Westwood.

- Linkin Park went on stage outside immediately following the Transformers 2 Premiere, coming out at exactly 10:10pm PST.

- Fans were only able to attend the show by winning tickets through KROQ or obtaining them via the LPU. It was reported that fans walking up right before show time were let in without passes, however.

- The video of 'New Divide' was released to the iTunes store a few months after the show.

- Audio of 'Bleed It Out' was released a few months after the show on Monster.com for a Linkin Park/Monster promotion. 'Yo' was also available here as a ringtone, which later appeared in a full version on LPU 12 as 'Brad's Yo'.


Source 0a: Video - PROSHOT (Official Release)

Time: 4:39 mins

Format: Digital

Comments: 'New Divide' only.


Source 0b: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Time: 4:49 mins

Format: Digital (.mp3)

Comments: 'Bleed It Out' only. Monster Energy exclusive.


Source 1a: Video - PROSHOT (MTV)

Time: 4:33 mins

Comments: 'New Divide' only. Featured an introduction by Shia LeBeouf as well as the Mayleen Ramey introduction.


Source 1b: Video - PROSHOT (ABC HD)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 5:41 mins

Format: .ts (720p) / 586 MB

Comments: Widescreen. Alternative edit of 'New Divide' and about 10-15 seconds of 'What I've Done'. This video was available on the Jimmy Kimmel YouTube channel for a period of time, but then was set to private.


Source 1c: Video - PROSHOT (MTVNHD: MTV World Stage)

Time: 20:20 mins

Format: DVD M / 1.38 GB

Comments: Widescreen. 'What I've Done', 'Faint', 'Bleed It Out' and 'New Divide'. Backstage footage before, between 'Faint' and 'Bleed It Out', and after the show. There's no known HD recording.


Source 1d: Video - PROSHOT (YouTube: JimmyKimmelLive)

Time: 3:24 mins

Format: MP4 (720p) / 52 MB

Comments: 'What I've Done' only.


Source 1e: Video - PROSHOT (VEVO.com VOD)

Time: 4:39 mins

Format: MPEG (1080p) / 1 GB

Comments: 'New Divide' only.


Source 2: Video - AUD (Unknown)

Location: Dead center, 50 yards from the stage

Taper: Giant Robot Magazine

Time: ? mins

Format: DVD M

Comments: Full show. Shaky, sometimes taper turns to the side and films.

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