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Linkin Park Live - 2008.07.13 Québec, Québec

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July 13, 2008
Québec, QC  Canada
Plains of Abraham
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Festival d'été de Québec
Bell Stage
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01. No More Sorrow Long Intro
02. Lying From You 2008 Intro
03. Somewhere I Belong
04. Wake 2.0
05. Given Up Ext. Outro
06. Papercut Long Intro
07. Points Of Authority Intro #1 w/ Petrified Verse 1; Outro w/ There They Go Verse 1
08. In Pieces
09. Numb Keyboard Transition Outro
10. Pushing Me Away
11. Breaking The Habit Acapella Outro w/ Strings
12. Shadow Of The Day
13. Crawling Krwlng Intro w/ Keyboard
14. Leave Out All The Rest
15. What I've Done Album Transition Intro
16. In The End
17. Bleed It Out Ext. Bridge w/ Sing-along & Drum Solo; Ext. Ending
18. Cure For The Itch MTM Tour Version
19. Faint Ext. Outro
20. One Step Closer Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- 'A Place For My Head' was dropped from this setlist for an unknown reason.

- Mike rapped verse one of 'Petrified' over the intro of 'Points Of Authority' and verse one of 'There They Go' over the outro.

- It rained heavily the entire time the band was performing. This caused Brad to come out with a yellow poncho on.

- Chester mixed up a few lines in the first verse of 'In Pieces'.

- At the festival, all fans were given little devices that had blinking red lights. Mike asked all the fans to take these and their cell phones out before 'Leave Out All The Rest'.

- Mike played a keyboard piece over the intro to 'Crawling' like he did a few shows earlier at Milton Keynes.

- Brad only played half of the guitar part for the first verse of 'One Step Closer'.

Other Notes:

- Clips of 'Somewhere I Belong', 'Lying From You' and 'No More Sorrow' from this show were shown in an interview with Mike and Brad on Musique Plus TV.

- There was no opening band at this show. This festival ran for several days and featured a different band each day.


Source 0: Audio - SBD (LP LIVE)

Time: 81:31 mins

Format: mp3 / 320 kbit/s


Source 1: Video - AUD (Digicam: Jazz DV-179)

Taper: Voodoocobra

Time: 82:40 mins

Format: DVD M / 3.11 GB

Comments: Complete show. Distorted audio.

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