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Linkin Park Live - 2008.02.21 New York City, New York

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February 21, 2008
New York City, NY  United States
Apple Store Soho
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Private Apple/iTunes Performance
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01. Wake
02. Given Up Ext. Outro
03. Shadow Of The Day
04. My December Piano Version #2
05. In Pieces
06. Bleed It Out Ext. Intro; Ext. Ending

Show Notes:

- The band performed the extended outro on 'Given Up', but played a rather short version of 'Bleed It Out'.

- Before 'In Pieces', Chester said, "This is the best show in an Apple store we’ve ever played. No...I'm serious."

- After 'Bleed It Out', Mike asked the fans if they wanted another song or if they wanted the band to sign autographs. The fans replied they wanted the band to sign, so they ended the show there.

Other Notes:

- This was technically an unannounced performance, but on February 18, Mike posted on his blog, "today, we won our second german “echo” award! for those of you in the US, this is the equivalent of the grammy. thanks germany! in other news, we’re in the middle of the tour with coheed and cambria and chiodos. it’s going great–those guys put on a great show. looking forward to our first show at madison square garden this week (sold out)! also, look forward to a special show that we’re doing in NYC in conjunction with apple…shh…it’s a secret… by the way, i put a live version of “in between” from columbus, OH, on myspace.com/fortminor. -mike" The Echo Award was for International Group Of The Year.

- However, the performance was advertised on New York City-area radio stations and was invitation-only for 200 radio contest winners along with industry friends and professionals. Billed as playing at 11:55pm, the band took the stage after midnight. The show was recorded for an iTunes release in March.

- After the Staples Center show in March 2008, Mike posted on his blog, "next, the iTunes SoHo performance. in case you haven’t heard, we played a secret show at the SoHo apple store in NY. it was awesome…the tracks are now available for purchase on iTunes. go check them out!"

- Other proshot clips are available on YouTube and High Quality video via Apple.com here. A backstage video was released to the LPU entitled "Live in Soho".

- See also The Daily Swarm's coverage with photos here.

- This is the first time that the version of 'My December (Piano Version)' was included on any live release.


Source 0a: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Time: 20:31 mins

Format: m4a

Comments: Released on iTunes as the "Live from SoHo EP".


Source 0b: Video - PROSHOT (Apple)

Time: 1:00 mins

Format: mov / 10.3 MB

Comments: Clips of 'Given Up' and 'Shadow Of The Day' only. Released on iTunes Movie Trailers as a trailer of the "Live from SoHo EP".


Source 0c: Video - PROSHOT (Apple)

Time: 0:48 mins

Format: mov / 10.1 MB

Comments: Joe and Phoenix before the show and a clip of 'Bleed It Out'.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Alternative Press)

Time: 2:37 mins

Format: Unknown

Comments: Interviews with Mike and Brad and clips of 'Wake', 'Given Up' and 'Shadow Of The Day'.

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