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Linkin Park Live - 2008.01.21 Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen

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January 21, 2008
Köln, NW  Germany
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Minutes To Midnight European Tour
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5 of 11
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Disco Ensemble

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01. Wake
02. Given Up Ext. Outro
03. Lying From You
04. Somewhere I Belong Long 2008 Intro
05. No More Sorrow Long Intro
06. Don't Stay Foreword Intro
07. Points Of Authority Intro #1 w/ 'High Road' Verse 1 (Aborted) -> 'In Stereo' Verse 1; Outro Jam
08. In Pieces
09. Numb Keyboard Transition Outro
10. My December Piano Version #2
11. Breaking The Habit Piano Buildup Intro
12. Shadow Of The Day
13. Crawling 'Krwlng' Intro w/ Vocals
14. In The End
15. A Place For My Head
16. One Step Closer Ext. Outro
17. What I've Done AMBO Intro
18. In Between Live Debut
19. Bleed It Out Ext. Bridge w/ Sing-along & Drum Solo
20. Faint Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- This was the first time since being introduced live that the long intro to 'No More Sorrow' was played in the middle of the setlist. All previous times, it had opened the show.

- Mike started to rap verse one of 'High Road' over the intro of 'Points Of Authority', but after the first line, he stumbled with the lyrics. He started again with verse one of 'In Stereo'.

- Chester messed up on the line right before the second chorus on 'In Pieces'.

- The band messed up near the end of 'In Between'.


- This was the first time that 'In Between' was performed live.


Source 0: Audio - SBD (LP LIVE)

Time: 87:56 mins

Format: mp3 / 320 kbit/s

Comments: The messup at the end of 'In Between' was edited and fixed.


Source 0b: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Format: Digital

Comments: 'Somewhere I Belong', 'In Pieces', and 'A Place For My Head' only. Same mix as Source 0a but slight editing done (fade-in, fade-out, etc). 'Somewhere I Belong' released on the Meteora - Live Around The World album. 'In Pieces' released on the Minutes To Midnight - Live Around The World album. 'A Place For My Head' released on the Hybrid Theory - Live Around The World album.


Source 1: Audio - AUD (MD: Soundman OKM II R > Soundman A3 (-20 dB) > Sony MZ-NH700 (Hi-SP))

Taper: AndOne

Time: ? mins

Format: lossless

Comments: None.


Source 2: Audio - AUD (Church Audio Cardioid Mics > Edirol R-09 (16Bit))

Location: Back of the hall.

Taper: Joern (Sabrewulf)

Time: 90:15 mins

Format: FLAC / 494 MB

Sample: (Points Of Authority - 30 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: None.


Source 3: Video - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: Pat Camerlengo (sventhen)

Time: Unknown

Format: Unknown

Comments: Full show. Uncirculated.


Source 4a: Video - AUD (Unknown Samsung Techwin)
Taper: Ana
Time: 52:08 mins
Format: AVI (480p) / 956 MB
Comments: Clips of every song. Very shaky. Distorted audio.


Source 4b: Video - AUD (Unknown Samsung Techwin)
Taper: Ana
Time: 52:18 mins
Format: DVD / 3.12 GB
Comments: Authored by Franticfreak with DSP audio.

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