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Linkin Park Live - 2007.03.xx North Hollywood, California

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March xx, 2007
North Hollywood, CA  United States
Third Encore
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Tour Rehearsals
Best Buy Music Performance
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xx. What I've Done

Other Notes:

- Third Encore in North Hollywood is home to Linkin Park's rehearsal studio. For all of the March 2007 Music Performances, Linkin Park simply converted their stage at their rehearsal studio accordingly and played there.

- Best Buy posted the video of 'What I've Done' on their preorder page for Minutes to Midnight back in April. It was the first performance ever shown of 'What I've Done' live. It was thought that Best Buy would include 'What I've Done', 'No More Sorrow', and 'Given Up' from this session as a bonus for buying Minutes to Midnight at Best Buy, but for some reason the performances of those three songs as the bonus to the album were from AOL Sessions. It is unknown why this happened and it is unknown whether the band performed any other songs besides 'What I've Done' for the Best Buy.

- This performance looks like it was recorded the same day as the 'Third Encore Performance' because if you compare both performances of What I've Done, you will see that it is the same lighting, and everyone is wearing the same clothes except for Chester, who has a jacket on in one and off in the other.

- The date of this performance is unknown.


Source 0: Video - PROSHOT (Best Buy)

Time: 3:31 mins

Format: ?

Comments: Uploaded to bestbuy.com in April 2007.

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