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Linkin Park Live - 2003.09.08 Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

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September 08, 2003
Madrid, ES  Spain
Palacio Vistalegre
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Meteora European Tour
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8 of 9
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Redman, Adema, The Ataris



01. Don't Stay Foreword Intro
02. Somewhere I Belong
03. Lying From You
04. Papercut
05. Points Of Authority
06. Runaway
07. Faint
08. From The Inside
09. Figure.09
10. With You Reanimation-style
11. By Myself 2003 Intro
12. P5hng Me A*wy
13. Numb
14. Crawling Short Krwlng Intro
15. In The End
16. A Place For My Head Ext. Intro & Bridge
17. One Step Closer Reanimated Bridge; w/ Adema & Redman

Show Notes:

- Brad says into Mike's microphone after 'Figure.09,' "Nos encanta Madrid, gracias," which means 'We love Madrid, thank you.'

- Mike and Brad try to ask the crowd before 'P5hng Me A*wy' in Spanish if they have Reanimation by saying 'Tenemos un album, Reanimation?.' They pull a guy up from the crowd then have him ask the crowd if they have Reanimation and ask if they know 'P5hng Me A*wy' by saying 'Reanimation, Esta cancion es Pushing Me Away,' which means 'Reanimation... This song is Pushing Me Away.'

- It seems like Brad's amp wasn't turned on for the intro of 'A Place For My Head' because his guitar abruptly cuts in after it's supposed to.

- After 'A Place For My Head,' Mike tells the crowd that the show is Donny's, Rob's drum tech, last show with the band, so they have him do his very own short drum solo on Rob's drums.

Other Notes:

- A video with clips of the first few songs proshot as well as Brad (speaking in Spanish) and Phoenix giving a pre-show press conference exists.


Source 1: Audio - AUD (MD: Sony ECM-717 > Sony MZ-N10)

Taper: Yngwiedavid

Time: 72:25 mins

Format: FLAC / 459 MB

Sample: (Figure.09 - 30 sec) - Download (right click and save)

Comments: Bad venue acoustics. This source was uncirculated at all outside of the taper from 2003 to 2008. In March 2008, it was bought from the taper by Felipeintheend and Maza_G.


Source 2: Audio - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: Unknown

Time: ? mins

Format: ?

Comments: Uncirculated.


Source 3: Video - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: Unknown

Time: ? mins

Format: DVD?

Comments: None.

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