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Linkin Park Live - 2003.08.31 Weeze, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Show Information

August 31, 2003
Weeze, NW  Germany
Flughafen Niederrhein
Venue Type: 
Venue Website: 
Meteora European Tour
Hauptbühne 1
Show #: 
4 of 9
Other Bands: 

Limp Bizkit, Turbonegro, Monster Magnet, Adema, Interpol, Radio 4, Raveonettes



01. Don't Stay Foreword Intro
02. Somewhere I Belong
03. Lying From You
04. Papercut
05. Points Of Authority
06. Runaway
07. Faint
08. From The Inside
09. Figure.09
10. With You Reanimation-style
11. By Myself 2003 Intro
12. P5hng Me A*wy
13. Numb
14. Crawling Short Krwlng Intro
15. In The End
16. A Place For My Head Ext. Intro & Bridge
17. One Step Closer Reanimated Bridge

Other Notes:

- Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, who both cancelled their Rock am Ring and Rock im Park 2003 performances, were brought to the festival by MLK (German promoter) due to the cancellations. This is why this show is listed as a rescheduled/makeup show.

- Chester broke his left wrist (or hand, we are not sure) sometime just before this show. This was the first show that we know of where he had on a cast, which remained on for the rest of the European Tour shows.

- This festival was always referred to as the "Bizarre Festival" until 2003, when it was legally forced to change its name to Terremoto.

- The European Tour 2003 episode of LPTV released in 2007 has a clip of 'With You' from this show. Snippets of the show and an interview were shown on the MTV Terremoto special.


Source 1: Audio - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 57:14 mins

Format: FLAC / 557 MB

Comments: Incomplete - last two songs are missing. Lossless obtained in 2014, but is uncirculated.

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