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Linkin Park Live - 2003.08.02 Houston, Texas

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August 02, 2003
Houston, TX  United States
Reliant Stadium
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Metallica's 'Summer Sanitarium' Tour
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15 of 19
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Metallica, Limp Bizkit, *, Deftones, Mudvayne



01. Don't Stay Devil Worship Intro w/ Foreword Tease
02. Somewhere I Belong
03. Lying From You
04. Papercut
05. Points Of Authority
06. Runaway
07. Faint
08. From The Inside
09. Figure.09
10. With You Reanimation-style
11. By Myself 2003 Intro
12. P5hng Me A*wy
13. Numb
14. Crawling Short Krwlng Intro
15. In The End
16. A Place For My Head Ext. Intro & Bridge
17. One Step Closer Reanimated Bridge

Other Notes:

- This show was recorded for Linkin Park's 'Live in Texas' CD/DVD. This was day one of the two day filming.

- LPU 2.0 Newsletter: "Toward the end of the tour, Lars Ulrich put on fuzzy, pink bunny-ears and big green "Hulk"-fists and invaded our stage to mess around with us during our set. Later, on the last day of the tour, we were allowed to go on stage and pull a little practical joke on Metallica, a feat that (as we were told) no band in twenty years has been allowed to do. We took a basket, blanket, and food onto their stage and had a little picnic as they played "Master of Puppets." The first incident happened at one of the two Texas shows and the second happened in San Francisco.

- 'Numb' from the DVD was release was included on the Linkin Park Street Team promo DVD for 'Live In Texas'.

- 'Faint' and 'One Step Closer' from the CD release were included on the Linkin Park Street Team promo CD for 'Live In Texas'.

- The music video for 'Lying From You' was the live video of the song from the DVD release.


Source 0a: Video - PROSHOT (Official Release)

Time: 71:01 mins

Format: DVD

Comments: Houston and Irving mixed together and released on the 'Live In Texas' CD/DVD.


Source 0b: Audio - SBD (Official Release)

Time: 42:17 mins (CD release)

Format: CD + Digital

Comments: Houston and Irving mixed together and released on the 'Live In Texas' CD/DVD. CD is missing 'Don't Stay', 'Figure.09', 'With You', 'By Myself', and 'A Place For My Head'. These songs were released on the LP Underground 3.0 CD, but with different editing. 'Runaway', 'Faint', 'From The Inside', and 'One Step Closer' were also released in other places.


Source 1: Audio - AUD (DPA4060's with [Core Sound HEB] > Sony D-100 with the Oade pre amp modification)

Taper: John Brinkley

Time: ? mins

Format: lossless

Comments: Incomplete, some songs are missing or cut. Uncirculated.

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