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Linkin Park Live - 2003.04.08 Rochester, New York

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April 08, 2003  CANCELLED
Rochester, NY  United States
Blue Cross Arena
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Projekt Revolution Tour
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1 of 17
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Mudvayne, Xzibit, Blindside

Other Notes:

- The day before the show, the band issued a release saying, "At present the LINKIN PARK crew has assembled in Reading, PA to complete rehearsals and as the day progresses it is becoming apparent that the members of the band and crew that are still due to arrive are not going to make it to either the rehearsal or to the Rochester show. Rather than risk health and well being of the entourage due to the inclement weather, we've decided to move the show. LINKIN PARK regrets the inconvenience to their fans and looks forward to seeing them on July 22nd. The next show will play as scheduled at The Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA on April 9th."

- The show was rescheduled in the middle of the Summer Sanitarium Tour on July 22, 2003 at the same venue.

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