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Linkin Park Live - 2000.12.06 Peoria, Illinois

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December 06, 2000
Peoria, IL  United States
Madison Theatre
Venue Type: 
Papa Roach's 'Master Bay' Tour
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2 of 7
Other Bands: 

Papa Roach, (hed)p.e.



Other Notes:

- If you happen to have or know a full or partial setlist for this show, please let us know!


Source 1: Video - AUD (Unknown HI8 Camcorder)

Taper: Wes Hayden

Time: 30~ mins (full show)

Format: DVD (low gen) / ? GB

Comments: Center shot near the back of the crowd. 'One Step Closer' was uploaded to

on April 3, 2015, the recording was unknown until then. Not added to live guide until April 2016 when the taper confirmed he recorded the rest of the set. Description by taper: "Early days of Linkin Park in late 2000 when they were still the opening band..Live in Peoria Illinois on Papa Roach Tour." The full setlist is unknown as the taper has not responded to requests for the rest of the recording.
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