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Linkin Park Live - 2000.09.15

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Show Information

Date: September 15, 2000 CANCELLED Tour: Kottonmouth Kings' 'Ridin' High' Tour
Location: St. Petersburg, FL United States
Venue: Jannus Landing Show Number: Show 3 of 32
Venue Type: Outdoor
Website: http://www.jannuslive.com Other Bands:

Kottonmouth Kings, Corporate Avenger, *, Rehab



. Cancelled Show

Other Notes:

- *** Sorry About the Jannus Landing Show ***

LINKIN PARK had to cancel their show at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg, Florida. This was due to to a medical emergency involving Chester's wife and she just got out of the hospital today. Chester's wife is the coolest and we wish her a speedy recovery. If you are one of the fans who missed out on that show...the band is so sorry! They hope to see you again soon!