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Linkin Park Live - 2000.02.24 Los Angeles, California

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February 24, 2000
Los Angeles, CA  United States
Hollywood Rehearsal Studios
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"Lockout" Rehearsal
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xx. Rhinestone Forgotten demo
xx. Slip Post LPU 11 Version
xx. Esaul A Place For My Head demo

Show Notes:

- In the video footage that is shown during the documentary, we can see Hybrid Theory rehearsing three songs. The rehearsal was two and a half hours long and until the full footage is obtained, the setlist is incomplete. They played early versions of 'A Place For My Head' ('Esaul' at the time) and 'Forgotten' ('Rhinestone' at the time) as well as 'Slip', which was unknown from 2006 until 2011, when it was released on the LP Underground 11 album. While we know 'Esaul' and 'Rhinestone' were definitely played live, this is the only known performance of 'Slip'.

- The performance of 'Slip' is a different version of the song (probably "further along" song-wise/a more worked-on version) than the version released on the LP Underground 11 album.

- Joe is seen scratching DJ Qbert's "100mph Backsliding Turkey Kuts" vinyl while playing a beat from DJ Babu's "Super Duck Breaks...The Saga Begins."

Other Notes:

- The band's rehearsal space at the time called HiFi Hollywood was located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. They would rehearse there for upwards of six hours a day during the week.

- Scott Koziol is on bass in this performance.

- The date for this rehearsal was found in May 2016. The exact name of the rehearsal studio was found in October 2016.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Unknown)

Taper: Marc Ostrick

Time: 2.5 hours~

Format: ?

Comments: Filmed by Marc Ostrick for his "Lockout" documentary series that was first uploaded to YouTube in 2006 (1, 2). For the full raw footage, over $10,000 is wanted.

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