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Linkin Park Live - 1995.06.xx Los Angeles, California

Show Information

June xx, 1995
Los Angeles, CA  United States
Douglas Robb's parents' backyard
Venue Type: 
Performing Act: 
The Pricks
Other Bands: 

Hoobustank, Incubus, Audiovent, Onesidezero, *



Show Notes:

- The Pricks opened Hoobastank's (spelled Hoobustank at the time) very first show in the summer of 1995 at Doug Robb's parents' backyard.

- Hoobastank filmed their set in VHS. It was confirmed by Dan Estrin in an interview to AltWire in 2022 that the VHS includes The Pricks footage as well.

- Members of both bands had been friends since long before The Pricks was formed and to prepare for the show they stole stages from their local high school in the middle of the night, set them up in Doug's backyard and hired security, charging a dollar for admission. Around 150 people were in attendance.

Other Notes:

- The Pricks was a band Brad Delson and Mark Wakefield played in before Relative Degree and Xero.

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