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Official Releases
Linkin Park - A Line in the Sand (Live at Rock on the Range 2015)
Official release of rare, live track from Linkin Park's 2015 tour for The Hunting Party
released September 12, 2016 in collaboration with Linkin Park for LPLive's 10th Birthday
Mike Shinoda - Make It Up As I Go (Fan Footage Live Video)
Official release of Mike Shinoda's "Fan Footage" video from the 2017 Monster Outbreak Tour in Los Angeles
released December 14, 2018 in collaboration with Mike Shinoda
Site Releases

Linkin Park - Plaster (David Kahne Mix)
Studio demo of Linkin Parks biggest hit off of Hybrid Theory
released March 11, 2008 in collaboration with LPAssociation, LPFuse and LPProjekt

DJ Lethal - Cry To Yourself (featuring Chester Bennington)
Unreleased song Chester did with DJ Lethal (ex-Limp Bizkit)
released May 25, 2009

DJ Focus - Project Revolution Breaks
DJ vinyl from Projekt Revolution 2002 used in DJ battles on the tour; winners got a short set at the show
released July 1, 2009

Hybrid Theory - Demos (8 Track)
Unreleased song She Couldnt w/ other LP demos
released July 1, 2009

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Unmastered
Unmastered version of Hybrid Theory w/ different versions of a few songs
released April 9, 2011

Linkin Park  - Camden, NJ Projekt Revolution 2004 DVD
Proshot DVD from 2004 of one of the bands most famous tours
released May 1, 2011

Mr. Hahn - Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient
Joe's DJ vinyl with samples of LP songs, beats, etc
released January 29, 2012

Linkin Park - Road To Revolution (Workprint) DVD
Workprint version of the RTR DVD with different effects and angles, raw audio, etc
released July 22, 2012

Linkin Park - London, UK, Docklands Arena 2001 (Workprint) DVD
Workprint version of London 2001 (planned to be the bands first live release)
released September 17, 2012

Uncle Kracker - Vegas Baby (feat. Mr. Hahn)
Unreleased song Uncle Kracker did with Joe
released January 11, 2013

Linkin Park - Reanimation (Internal Demos)
Demos of Reanimation, the remix album released in 2002
released March 21, 2013

Linkin Park - West Hollywood, CA, The Roxy (Rough Cut) DVD [page coming soon]
Proshot DVD of a hometown 2000 show by LP
released August 3, 2013

Releases w/ Others

Linkin Park - Mountain View, CA 2004.09.05 AUD FLAC
Last show of Projekt Revolution 2004 - extra special encore in the setlist!
released March 3, 2007 in collaboration with LP Association

Fort Minor - Believe Me, Whered You Go, Remember The Name, Petrified Instrumentals
Instrumentals from The Rising Tied, released publicly for the first time ever
released March 23, 2006 in collaboration with LP Association

Linkin Park - A Digital Media Collection From The 2006 Japanese Tour
Live highlights from Linkin Parks short trip to Japan in 2006
released August 24, 2006 in collaboration with LP Association

DSPs (Digital Souvenir Packages) - An Open Letter
Open letter to Linkin Park & band management requesting older live downloads be released
posted March 3, 2013 in collaboration with many LP fansites; organized by LPLive


- Mobile Production Monthly Magazine
Volume 1 Issue 5 2008

- Audio Core Interview with Pooch 
Early 2008
- Adamson / XTA Interview with Pooch
March 5, 2008

- Audio Technica Interview with Ken Pooch Van Druten and Kevin Tater McCarthy
August 2009

- Audio Technica Interview with Ken Pooch Van Druten
November 2, 2010 (in German)

- MTV Interview with Chester, Mike, and Joe of Linkin Park (May 24, 2012)
Linkin Park Talks Honda Civic Tour Track List (@ 2:34 mins)

- MusiqueMag Linkin Park Quiz Interview
2012; Camden 2004 footage; @ 0:43 mins

- Linkin Park TV Episode: THE BEST PARTY (Asia Tour Part 2)
(@ 1:42 mins) (November 27, 2013) (Mikes website/blog)
Feb 21, 2008: Plaster Correction
July 3, 2009: She Couldnt
Oct 15, 2009: Ryu Interview / Get Busy Committee
June 22, 2010: A Thousand Suns Coming Soon
July 23, 2010: Contest w/ LP fansites
Sept 15, 2010: LP fansites covering ATS news

- Interview with LPFanCorner
Sept 1, 2012


Interview with Greg Watermann
Linkin Parks official photographer
posted March 10, 2008 in collaboration w/ other fansites; conducted by Ana from LinkinPark-HQ

Interview with Ken "Pooch Van Druten
Front of House engineer for Linkin Park's live shows (2007-present)
posted April 20, 2008

Interview with Ryan Shuck
Lead singer/guitarist for Julien-K, former Orgy and Dead By Sunrise
posted May 6, 2009

Interview with Chester Bennington
Linkin Parks lead singer
posted August 25, 2009 in collaboration with LPAssociation

Interview with Ryu
Styles Of Beyond, Get Busy Committee, Fort Minor
posted October 12, 2009

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Did You Know?
Mike made an appearance on the Wake Up Show in 2002, where he took part in a rap battle with Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples. During the battle, he rapped both verses from "Dedicated," the first time that song had been unveiled in any form, as well as another verse that he had written years beforehand, which was never used in a song.

Next 5 Shows (Mike Shinoda):
  No upcoming shows.

Last 5 Shows:
  2017.10.27 Los Angeles, CA
  2017.07.06 Birmingham, ENG
  2017.07.04 London, ENG
  2017.07.03 London, ENG
  2017.07.01 Werchter, BE

This Date In LP History:
  2000.12.17 Universal City, CA


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  Outbreak Tour

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  Holiday Radio Shows

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  Post Traumatic European Tour


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