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2013 - Living Things+




City: Berlin, Germany

Venue: Admiralspalast

Date: June 5, 2012





In June 2012, Linkin Park kicked off their shortest world tour for an album yet when they began their European Tour for Living Things in Portugal at Rock In Rio. This short twelve show European Tour would be the only visit to the continent for the band in support of the album and they were only performing two songs off of the album at the time too. A mix of festival shows and outdoor/stadium headline shows were scattered across Europe for the band to play.


On June 5, 2012, they stopped in Berlin after their Rock am Ring and Rock im Park shows for a small show at the Admiralspalast. To gain admission to the show, fans had to win tickets from Telekom Street Gigs or from the LP Underground. The band filmed the event and showed it in theaters across America for the "Living Things Concert Event" on June 25, 2012.


Additionally, the show was released to television, radio and an online webcast in the days leading up to the theater showing.





At the time of this show, Linkin Park had two setlists they were using on tour. One of them was almost exclusively for festival sets (starting with A Place For My Head) while the other was almost exclusively (there are a few exceptions) for the headlining shows (starting with Tinfoil and Faint). The headlining set was featured at this show. However, the band chose not to broadcast Runaway, Points Of Authority, The Catalyst and Crawling.


See the show page here for the full setlist and show notes.


Living Things+ Setlist: (not the full show setlist)

01. Tinfoil

02. Faint

03. Papercut

04. With You

05. Given Up

06. Blackout

07. Somewhere I Belong

08. New Divide

09. Lies Greed Misery

10. Waiting For The End

11. Breaking The Habit

12. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent

13. What I've Done

14. One Step Closer


15. Burn It Down

16. In The End

17. Numb

18. Bleed It Out





There are a total of three different sources for this show.


On June 21, FM radio broadcasted the eighteen songs listed above (missing the four songs that were removed). On the 22nd and 23rd, ProSieben broadcasted Tinfoil, Faint, With You, Somewhere I Belong, New Divide, Lies Greed Misery, What I've Done, One Step Closer, Burn It Down, In The End, Numb, and Bleed It Out. This TV version had a few more songs missing to fit it down to a one hour broadcast.


Along with the theater showing in the United States on the 25th, Telekom Street Gigs webcasted the same version of the show on their website.


In March 2013, Linkin Park released a DVD of the show on a release entitled Living Things+. It was an international only release. The DVD was the same footage from the Living Things event in theaters. To this day, the other four songs have never been released from the show.

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