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Exclusive: Road To Revolution Workprint



In July 2012, we were able to provide videos of 'Wake 2.0'/'Given Up' and 'The Little Things Give You Away' from a "workprint" version of Road To Revolution, the live CD/DVD the band released in 2008 of their show in Milton Keynes, UK. Under the thread title of "Work In Progress", we tried to not draw too much attention to the matter as releasing a workprint version of the latest live CD/DVD from the band might get someone in hot water. However, things went over well and we provided the full show (minus the two LP songs with Jay-Z) on YouTube.

LPBits, a torrent tracker for live Linkin Park shows, was able to get the full show including the Jay-Z songs and released that on Christmas 2012 here.

The editing differs a lot from the final version of Road To Revolution, such as many different cuts and angles of the video, rawer audio, no color correction and various video effects being tested on different songs. 'Wake 2.0' & 'Given Up' feature text used in the song and 'The Little Things Give You Away' features split screen camera work that proves to be pretty trippy during the song. Both videos feature way more crowd shots than the final version. Overall, you'll find quite a few differences throughout the full show.


Workprint DVD V1 (with Jay-Z; lp-bits torrent)
Workprint DVD V2 (without Jay-Z; lp-bits torrent)
Audio (full show; mega.co.nz link)

You can find the original thread for the release here and the thread for the audio here. The LPBits post of the workprint version with Jay-Z (the full show) can be found here.

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