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Exclusive: London 2001 Workprint



On September 12, 2012, LPLive celebrated its sixth anniversary as a website and as a surprise, offered up a video of Linkin Park's headlining show in London from September 2001.

Heading to Europe for the very first time in January 2001, Linkin Park performed three shows in very small venues in Paris, Hamburg and London before heading back to the United States. In March, they returned to open for the Deftones on the 'Back to School' Tour, in May they played Rock im Park and Rock am Ring for the first time along with a few smaller headlining shows, and in September they returned for their very first headlining tour across Europe. The Docklands Arena in London was a venue they hit with the Deftones earlier in the year, but the show in September would be their largest headlining show ever - their first arena headlining show in the history of the band.

Linkin Park fansites at the time reported on a waiver at the show saying fans consented to being filmed. HBO Reverb later in the year ended up airing six songs from the show, something that was planned for the Wantagh, NY show in summer 2001 as well but was scrapped (likely because of the technical difficulties the band faced). Rumors arose that London was the first live DVD planned for the band, but it didn't pan out at the time.

After searching for a full version for years, Felipeintheend came across the opportunity to get a "workprint" version of the DVD and presented it to our staff to post as a download. We streamed the show at first so we didn't get a takedown notice from the record label and were finally able to provide a DVD download several months later.

From the original thread on the stream, "The video itself is a "workprint" version. While this may detract from the quality in some viewer's perspectives, it should be pointed out that this is the full show as originally filmed for HBO's Reverb and gives us insight into the show like we've not had before, such as the full setlist from that night and the actual reason for the delay in 'Papercut'.

Highlights from the show include a a rare opportunity to see the band stop a song mid-show and restart it completely ('Papercut') and a guest appearance from Evidence and Rakaa Iriscience from the Dilated Peoples on 'High Voltage'. This was the third-ever performance of 'My December' and while 'Step Up' was not included in the setlist at this show, a rare proshot (and pretty epic) performance of 'And One' can be found in this recording."

Thanks to Felipeintheend and a source that wishes to remain anonymous for the show!


DVD + mp3 (torrent)

You can find the original thread for the YouTube release (first release) here and the original thread for the download here.

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