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Fort Minor Live - 2005.11.16 Hamburg, Hamburg

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November 16, 2005
Hamburg, HH  Germany
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Massive Töne



01. Remember The Name Long Intro
02. It's Goin' Down
03. Enth E Nd
04. In Stereo
05. Mr. Brown Styles of Beyond song
06. Fort Minor Medley
07. Believe Me Ext. Outro w/ Breakdown
08. Feel Like Home
09. Red To Black w/ Post-Song Drum Solo
10. Numb/Encore Shortened
11. There They Go
12. High Road
13. Petrified Take 1; Aborted
14. Petrified Take 2

Show Notes:

- Beatdown had a short drum solo after 'Red To Black'.

- The 'Fort Minor Medley' is a mid-set mashup of verses from 'You Lose', 'Megadef', and 'Bleach' by Styles Of Beyond, Tak's verse from 'Respect 4 Grandma' (Fort Minor) and two original verses by Mike.

- Mike stopped 'Petrified' right after it began, saying that the crowd needed to get louder since it was their last song. Then he had the band restart it from the beginning.

- During the concert Fort Minor gave some copies of their mixtape "We Major" away.


Other Notes:

- In addition to the show, Fort Minor had an exclusive album listening party before this show, which was held at the Warner Bros. Building in Hamburg.


Source 1: Audio - AUD (MD: Soundman OKM II R > Soundman A3 (-20 dB) > Sony MZ-NH700 (Hi-SP))

Transfer: Master Hi-MD > Sony MZ-NH700 > USB > SonicStage > Cool Edit 2 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC

Taper: Chesterchaz

Time: ? mins

Format: lossless

Comments: Uncirculated. An mp3 of 'Believe Me' was released to LPFuse shortly after the show.


Source 2: Video - PROSHOT (MTV Germany)

Time: ? mins

Format: AVI

Comments: MTV Germany reported on the show and picked one lucky contestant to go to the soundcheck and show. They followed her around and there is a video of her entire ordeal, which includes a short proshot video clip of 'Believe Me'.

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