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Linkin Park Live - 2017.06.22 Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

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June 22, 2017
Madrid, ES  Spain
La Caja Mágica Grounds
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One More Light European Tour
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Main Stage 1
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9 of 18
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Thunderstruck, *, Five Finger Death Punch, A Day To Remember, Code Orange



01. Fallout w/ 'Roads Untraveled' Vox
02. Talking To Myself
03. Burn It Down
04. The Catalyst Shortened (No Third Chorus/Breakdown)
05. Wastelands w/ 'War' Outro Sample
06. One Step Closer 2017 Intro; Ext. Outro
07. Castle Of Glass Experience Version; 2017 Ending w/ 'It's Goin' Down' Verse 1
08. Good Goodbye Ext. Singalong Intro; Live Version
09. Lost In The Echo Shortened (No First Chorus or Second Verse)
10. Invisible Ext. Intro
11. New Divide
12. Breaking The Habit Acapella Outro
13. Crawling Piano Version; Shortened (No First Chorus or Outro)
14. Leave Out All The Rest 2017 Version
15. Somewhere I Belong
16. What I've Done 2017 Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge
17. In The End Pause Version
18. Faint Ext. Outro
19. Numb 'Numb/Encore' Intro/Outro
20. Heavy Ext. Intro w/ 'When They Come For Me' Verse 2
21. Papercut
22. Bleed It Out Direct Intro; Ext. Sing-a-long Bridge; Ext. Ending

Show Notes:

- Mike rapped verse one of 'It's Goin' Down' over the outro of 'Castle Of Glass'.

- 'Somewhere I Belong' returned to the set for the rotation spot.

- Chester went into the crowd on 'Crawling' and In The End'.

- Mike rapped part of verse two of 'When They Come For Me' before 'Heavy' during a short instrumental jam with Brad.

Other Notes:

- This was the band's first show in Spain since 2010. The 2010 show was not advertised as a headlining performance, so this was their first proper show in Spain since they headlined Madrid's Festimad Sur in 2008.

- An AC/DC cover band called Thunderstruck played after Linkin Park.


Source 1: Video - AUD (Unknown) (Center Angle)

Location: A few rows back in the middle

Taper: Eduardo Paulet

Time: ? mins (full show)

Format: ? / ? GB

Comments: Full show uploaded to YouTube in five parts.


Source 2: Video - AUD (Unknown) (Left Angle)

Taper: Vortex

Time: 82:52 mins (full show)

Format: MP4 (4K) / 35.1 GB

Comments: Shaky recording.

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