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Linkin Park Live - 2003.04.11 Evansville, Indiana

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April 11, 2003  CANCELLED
Evansville, IN  United States
Roberts Municipal Stadium
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Projekt Revolution Tour
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3 of 17
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Mudvayne, Xzibit, Blindside

Other Notes:

- The afternoon of the show, an announcement was made on the band's website and on the Projekt Revolution website reading, "Regretfully Linkin Park must postpone tonight’s Projekt Revolution show in Evansville, IN due to Chester developing a very bad throat infection. Please be sure to check back here on projektrevolution.com for further updates for the next couple of shows as we will be reevaluating Chester’s condition daily." Chester recovered after this show and the next day, a post on the websites said that the rest of the tour was on.

- A fan who was at the venue said, "Even though this concert was cancelled at the last minute (we were in the parking lot before concert time when we found out), almost everybody in the various bands (except Chester of Linkin Park, who was the reason for the cancellation, being "sick" / later heard hungover) were signing autographs behind a barricade of folding tables outside. I was able to get the autographs of Mike Shinoda & Brad Delson."

- There is an LPTV episode from 2007 that covers Projekt Revolution 2003 and it shows a M&G that was allegedly from this show. We assume that the show and date listed on the LPTV is a mistake and it is really from another show on the tour.

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