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  1. There are other differences between the demo and the final version besides the collabs and the mixing/mastering.
  2. Yeah they were available in the beginning. I really liked the demo but I am not a huge fan of how Open Door came out. It is just too much going on with all these vocal tracks. Doesn't feel like there was a vision of how the thing is supposed to sound in the end and it got messy. Maybe I have to listen to it a couple of times to get used to it and my opinion will change.
  3. I would love to see the faces of people who think this is a proper album once they hit the final song, which is an absolute masterpiece: Booty Down.
  4. It was random stuff he made up on the go. There is no way you can add anything 😂
  5. You wrote "None of the artists that he signed became successful" which on its own is not true. I've never argued that she got successful because of Mike, but you also never said "None became successful through Machine Shop".
  6. How the hell is Skylar Grey not successful?
  7. I think there was a big misunderstanding here. I didn‘t check the SWR3 page when I read the announcement, but I took a look at it afterwards. It was nowhere mentioned which show the broadcast will be from. On the schedule they had links to different articles/pages for some of the artists and the link on LP went to their gallery of the day when LP played Rock‘n‘Heim. The gallery wasn‘t new or anything. As far as I can tell they just randomly linked galleries of random live shows of a given band they already had on their website. One could infer that this meant that they broadcast songs from there but that‘s not something SWR3 announced so coming out and saying „they lied“ is bullshit. Their official announcement just said „we will play live recordings of these bands during the weekend“. What are you talking about? There was nothing someone had to pay for. Don‘t create more drama if you don‘t even know what happened.
  8. He said it was the VMA's but it most probably was the Billboard Music Awards show. They never performed BID at the VMAs, just at the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards. When comparing both performances the Billboard one looks like it was more chaotic with people running of the stage in the beginning. Edit: Listening to it again. Mike even said "BMA's" 😄 But I think most people misheard it.
  9. I have no experience with that stuff myself, but I would assume that the whole song writing credits thing gets way more complicated and formal once you include that many other writers so the band can't just be like "oh by the way, we are also going to add every other band member as a song writer. Deal with it".
  10. He used it multiple times on stream. In one of the Instagram sessions he speaks about it in more detail.
  11. I really like it and I really like the vocals of Lights. Seems like I am in the minority 😄
  12. Yeah I agree that this was probably planned (which doesn't take anything away from it). I assume it is basically a teaser for a new song we will get soon. His last instagram post is probably a reference to it as well.
  13. yeah no one can convince me that this is not at least to a certain degree a cash grab.
  14. Will there be 5 different vinyl versions? Do I count that correctly?
  15. Blood//Water was kinda big as well.
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