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  1. The album still sucks after all this time.  I just appreciate it more now after the loss of Chester.  However, the album still sucks.


    Oddly enough, I hate the track One More Light but do enjoy it now.  Mostly because of the attachment it has to Chester (the death and music video and all).  However, I don't go out of my way to listen to it (or any song of this album).


    To be honest, this whole album is forgettable. There is not one song on this soda can coaster that I will go to war far.  Give me reanimation and inject that shit into my veins.

  2. 23 hours ago, Hybrid1988 said:

    Not a fan of the production on this. I'm no audiophile but it didn't sound good to me. The vocals sound buried under the loud instrumentals. 


    Overall, idk how to feel about this album. I think I would've rather had a proper remaster/rerelease of the original material if they wanted to share Chester's origins before joining LP. Maybe i'm just biased. Not a fan of SD and this whole thing feels off to me. Wish we could get something DBS related instead. The Julien-k guys are awesome people.



  3. 2020 sounds like a good year to make a comeback.  Realistically, I see them getting a new frontman with metal roots.  Not to replace Chester, but to definitely continue making music they love for fans.  And I'm sure they will repeat that a million times during their comeback.


    I see them going with a younger frontman.  They have a HUGE catalog with music they just can't ignore.  Fans want a heavy as fuck A Place For My Head.  A killer One Step Closer.  A bat shit crazy Faint.  You won't be able to do that if you don't have someone who's ready to rip the fucking ceiling off of your god damn house.  I feel a younger metal based frontman is needed because as the other guys are getting older, you won't find many guys in their late 40s and up, years from now screaming their heads off.  A younger frontman will give LP more longevity.


    And keep in mind guys, as much as we adore the fuck fuck out of Chester, he had an amazing range.  His voice is iconic.  You wont find anyone that can do both, sing and scream like he can.  But you can definitely find better singers.  Or better screamers out there.


    Bring on the fresh, young, sexy, metal screamer meat please..  And slap that shit in my face.

  4. Something I just wanted to make note of here.


    In my eyes, Papercut was by far the best song performed at the show (minus the voice bullshit during Chester's parts). It sounded like he slightly altered the beat a little bit to be a little more hip-hop, and Mike performed on it marvellously. Which makes me think, Mike is really good at mashing shit up and mixing shit up... LP can definitely go on without Chester and make all the old shit a little more hip-hop-centric and Mike can perform it no problem.


    As much as I love and miss Chester, Mikes papercut was very enjoyable.

  5. I've decided that I'm no longer going to support Linkin Park. I was a massive fan of Xero through RTR but I don't really listen to anything past it much unless I force myself to. And what's the point of staying here and being negative when there are a lot of fans who like the newer shit and will support them in the future? So peace LPL.


    You is lucky I got bronchitis right now mutha fucka.

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