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  1. Wow this is really not good. Shame cause Mike and Lights is kind of a dream collab, but this is very easily the worst of the Aoki tracks
  2. Then the issue isn't with Castro (that could be taken real bad out of context lol) or anyone else with a negative opinion about the band. If fans can't take any amount of criticism towards the thing they like without lashing out against them, that's a sad reflection on them. I'm not expecting an "Oh, you're right the song IS bad" response. Just a "If that's your take then that's your take" or, even better, a "What about it don't you like". Something that encourages actual discussion or at the very least isn't outright dismissive of someone's opinion.
  3. Oh come on that's ridiculous. So the only responses that should be allowed are positive ones? He said the song sounded bad, didn't say anyone who liked it was dumb or had bad taste or anything, and then everyone piled on. There wasn't a discussion or debate or anything like that. Just "lol guess Geki's back" and "wow you hate something what else is new". He doesn't like the song, and he's allowed to say as much
  4. 1. What I've Done (2020 Version) 2. When They Come For Me 3. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out 4. Roads Untraveled 5. Nobody Can Save Me 6. Iridescent (2020 Version) 7. Castle Of Glass 8. Sorry For Now (Ext. Bridge w/ 'High Voltage' v1) 9. Until It Breaks (Shortened (Through Chester's Verse)) 10. Waiting For The End/Hands Held High (Apaches Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' v3; Sing-a-Long Outro) 11. Invisible 12. Numb (2020 Version; Oppenheimer Outro) 13. Burning In The Skies 14. Heavy 15. Leave Out All The Rest (2017 Version) 16. Final Masquerade 17. Papercut (2020 Intro; Ext. Outro) ---------------------------------- 18. Blackout (Shortened (Outro Only)) 19. One More Light 20. Rebellion (Ext. Bridge w/ 'A Place For My Head' v1) 21. In The End
  5. How would sales be impacted at all? The vast majority, if not all, physical sales would happen online and obviously streaming/digital downloads wouldn't be impacted at all. They're not touring on this. If they said vinyl/CD shipments were delayed until later, that'd make sense, but postponing the whole album is strange.
  6. Yeah I thought the whole thing here is that this is "Chester's lost music" or whatever. It'd make more sense to capitalize on that and use old pictures of Chester
  7. Well, the LFY stems are from Rock Band, so that's less of a glitch/problem and more of just how it works with those games.
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