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  1. I can get him not wanting to do a proper live release. He said a lot that the shows were meant to be an experience in the moment and a release could dilute that. But yeah, the Soundcheck Sessions release was weird, especially since he said a few streams ago that part of the issue with a live release was that he played LP songs in the set and the rights could get messy... but 60% of the only solo live release he's done is LP songs lol
  2. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore, World's On Fire, Hold It Together, Can't Hear You Now, and Promises I Can't Keep are among my favorite things associated with LP. I'd take any of those over a ton of big "fan favorite LP tracks" any day of the week. RFMS, WAIF, PTS, Over Again etc. are all great too. Throw in shit like Kenji, Slip Out The Back, and The Hard Way from FM... Easily all A+ songs IMO
  3. I don't know, even there I'd still say it's mostly great songs. I'd argue most of his bad/mediocre solo music came from TRT. PT had maybe 3 songs I wouldn't consider great/A+: About You, CAL, and Lift Off. Plus Fine absolutely bangs. Yeah none of the stuff he's throwing together on stream has been A+, but he's making these tracks in less than 3 hours. I'd be SHOCKED if they were lol
  4. https://www.youtube.com/user/linkinparktv/about
  5. You're gonna be waiting a while lol. WID, COG, and ND (the next three closest ones) aren't even halfway there yet
  6. They need to make music with the sound of whatever they want.
  7. You're quickly reaching Jze levels of "repeating the same joke over and over"
  8. You're acting as if people on here never critique the mixing/production of LP's stuff. Living Things suffers from a lot of the same problems as this (the vocals just kind of sitting atop a wall of noise that's hard to actually make anything out of), and probably the most common thing said about that album is how awful the production is (and it is truly bad). I can promise you that if this was Linkin Park - Amends and it was exactly the same, I would dislike it just as much as I do now.
  9. Disregarding all the drama and how I feel about Grey Daze as people, I don't like this album. That's not to say there aren't positives to it. Syndrome and Soul Song were pleasant surprises and I actually really liked what they did with In Time. The instrumental is really dope and the contrast between Chester's aggressive vocals in the chorus and how subdued the track is actually works pretty well IMO. Apart from those three, though, there's nothing here I could ever see myself going back to. For the most part, the production is an absolute mess and B12 holds a special place as the worst thing any member of Linkin Park is attached to.
  10. Saying an album was not one of the worst decisions of the band's career because it was commercially successful is not the same as saying it's good/better because it was commercially successful
  11. They could try and work out a deal with the songwriters to pay them a flat fee since it's not being released in a very public way and therefore probably won't bring as much money in as an actual proper release would (this would essentially function the same as a work-for-hire contract, just done after the fact). But more likely, they would just get paid the songwriting royalty they'd get paid if it was released normally. LP/their management registers all the songs (even LPU demos) with BMI, and that's who's actually responsible for ensuring songwriters get paid for their contribution. It'd presumably work exactly the same, but management would probably have to manually report the sales (assuming they don't already) since it's not being distributed through any of the public services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc.).
  12. Genuine question for you. Is it actually possible for you to show you like something without trashing something else?
  13. I'll be having no Things In My Jeep slander on the forums
  14. Yeah whenever artists do this kind of deep dive into the production of their tracks, most people love it even if they're not producers/musicians. Maybe treat it like art streams where he does it every once and a while in between the CoronaJam streams. People could redeem ShinodaBucks to request specific songs. I think it'd be cool.
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