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  1. Delete my posts it's all meaningless drunk crap Sorry talinda.
  2. Talinda.. Bennington? Who is that woman? As far as I know she's already engaged to some other dude, respect your new man and don't disrespect Chester. I'm super excited about this project, Grey Daze is such an amazing band and Chester's vocals were so good he was super young that's remarkable.
  3. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    I'm just saying the truth The design is recycled? Yes The forums are a wasteland? Yes Are the bundles a joke? Yes Back in the day being a member was a privilege and an honor.
  4. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    Horrible recycled design They should shut down the LPU, the whole site is a disgrace, it's like a zombie No heart no soul They release shitty bundles because they have to LPU is dead
  5. Can someone post the best audio available? If it's possible could you please fix the volume? Thanks
  6. Best video since Final Masquerade
  7. Because im a stupid human and I completely forgot about it Thanks for the heads up I'll fix it asap.
  8. JZLP

    Custom Setlists

    Give me some of that Crack dude
  9. The Vocals of this song gives me anxiety for real, i can't stand it.
  10. They recreated from scratch songs from both albums
  11. huge fan of GD, cant wait for it!
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