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  1. None of his solo songs are A+let's be honest. There are no songs in the level of Papercut, Iridescent, Waiting For The End, Catalyst etc.
  2. I'm talking about his solo albums/collaborations To me his only EPIC song is Over Again The rest are good & decent The Corona Jams fall in another category for me.
  3. Mike has an stable quality he rarely crates bad songs but also he rarely creates A+ songs, i guess that he's shelving the best stuff that he has for the next LP release.
  4. Im not saying that they have to make copies of Papercut, songs with the spirit of Papercut would be great to let fans know that they can still rock in their new era.
  5. They need to make music with the sound of Papercut, Mike needs to rock not to put people to sleep.
  6. Shinoda latest memorable track was Over Again Most of his collaborations are shit, Open Door is forgettable. PT replay value is awful, One More Trend was horrible. Mike needs to stop messing around and go back to produce the next LP album make it epic as fuck dude.
  7. I played full volume and it sounds fine, I can listen so clear every fucking instrument. Also there are people complaining about vocal "guests" are not loud, this was an artistic decision in favor of Chester it's an album where he has to shine the guest vocals are only to back him up.
  8. If the instrumentals were created under ''Linkin Park'' most of you would be saying that this is a legendary album. Esjay Jones and Lucas should work w LP probably in another universe cause in this one i think that is very very unlikely.
  9. Can't wait for your review Hopefully it's an honest one, bullshit aside, no drama only an honest review about the music
  10. To me is a combination of Esjay & Chester.
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