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  1. I am the real Amends Ultimate fan Super Saiyan God ultra instinct
  2. alvin and the chipmunks are a great inspiration for Shinoda and Aoki
  3. Just listen to Post Traumatic, almost every damn song is about losing control of everything.
  4. Phoenix, Rob, Joe & Chester were like studio musicians, they weren't involved in OML at all It was all about Mike's control obsession. Also watch the promo performances, the rest of the band was nowhere to be found. To me Mike & Brad used LP as a brand for OML No respect for the rest of the guys.
  5. By far their most unpleasant album, the replay value fucking sucks, the trendy sounds that they used now sound very outdated LP is all about a hybrid mix of styles but they tried so hard to copy other bands By saying they of course i am talking about Brad & Mike this is their side project OML = 10 NCSM = 8 The rest of the album = 2 Mark if you wanna listen to an overproduced album listen to this crap Sharp Edges is beautiful in some versions that fans made from multitracks where they only used vocals and guitar They fucking wrecked the track with all the stupid unnecessary sounds Thanks god that the last track that Chester recorded was Cross Off, that one is gem.
  6. What do you mean Hahninator? Overproduced? This album has some minimalistic production in some tracks, like in Morei Sky
  7. He's going to send me every bundle for free.
  8. Use his name? Not a single guest is listed
  9. Dude his own fucking son directed the video, even him has no right to use his father image? I'm sick of people thinking that Chester since 99 is owned by LP I fucking love Amends the production is really great you can't deny that even if you hate Sean.
  10. Misleading title i😭 had a little heart attack I was expecting to see them doing an acoustic session.
  11. What the fuck did Phoenix say? 0 comments about that lol
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