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  1. There are many dvd unauthorized documentaries of LP they even use their name and pictures of the band I just don't see why this would be blocked, actually it's pretty interesting It's hard to block a book release even for people that are way more important than Linkin Park, not even Trump could block the release of Bolton's book. Don't overreact.
  2. DTA because JK actually did exactly what they wanted OOA was an interesting project but Chester chose the wrong musicians for the job he needed a guy that could shred like the guy from Avenged Sevenfold and the producer totally wrecked the project.
  3. Jeff Blue has the right to tell the story about this he's responsible (not the only one) for the band's success. He made some great calls back in the day..
  4. I would love to read the thread of OML release or leak. I wonder what we actually said 3 years ago.
  5. The reception for Heavy was like 99% negative The reviews were awful We trashed it so hard OML sucks balls Too bad that Chester took the criticism so personal he barely wrote anything for it.. I remember Chester replying constantly on Instagram to criticism Awful times.. By far OML their worst work to date, it will sound so outdated very soon.
  6. Unpopular and probably controversial opinion : Chris Cornell had better guests at his tribute show. Too bad that they didn't release anything of it.
  7. She's a legendary artist, Mike was so proud of having her. Would be a cool story to know how she got the invitation for the tribute show. #ShinodaBucks Respect Alanis.
  8. Is it just me or the audio of HB is kinda low?
  9. Dude not everyone has been a fan since 2001 Probably he's a young fan
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