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  1. I would love to see a screen shot of that LOOOOOL
  2. Very beautiful song, I love his voice Much respect to Scott.
  3. Just because you can cover other peoples songs doesnt mean that you are as good as them, Brad is an underated guitarist but he has created a lot of great riffs Rob is good too, very unique drumming.
  4. Probably they didnt edit the whole thing man... VictimizedQWERTY was fucking insane dude, i still remember every seconf of it Whats your top 3 ballad medley performances?
  5. Im pretty sure that the tracks were found in the equipment that Armored Mexican bought from the band Damn man, Monterrey is such a magical show I wonder if the full show will ever surface, Pooch told me that he mixed the whole thing, was the audio from the DVD mixed by Pooch too? it doesnt sounds like his style. This is probably the best performance of the ballad medley ever.
  6. I will never understand why they wiped By Myself and Forgotten after this, specially Forgotten that track is so fucking energetic, crowds loved it.
  7. You said..... MONTERREY? (my first show!) I still havent heard the whole thing, which tracks are from Monterrey?
  8. One of my favorite mixing ever, the way By Myself and Forgotten sounds are insane!
  9. Back in the day a guy recorded it w a low quality device even the original version looks like shit as far as i know that's the only rip of it.
  10. Pretty fucking amazing collection of songs.
  11. Removinh the galleries was very stupid, it's part of the history of the band and most of the are very hard to find.
  12. this is probably the best sounding bootleg ever, thanks!
  13. One of the biggest misteries of this site, thats fucking sad man...
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