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  1. One of the biggest misteries of this site, thats fucking sad man...
  2. So Skipees is just fine? someone said that he just vanished.
  3. The real question is.. How many times he performed Chester's verse?
  4. Im confident that no one will join the band, Mike will stay as the only vocalist and theyll invite guests from other bands that are on the bill for certain songs.
  5. Meteora and HT had heavier moments than anything on THP.
  6. JZE

    DSP's: Select Picks

    Please do it man I love DSPs but i don't really care about having all of them can't wait for your compilation of gems dude. Go garret
  7. Please add the hide/show button... The eras separation sounds cool
  8. Probably a section like.. "latest updates" The section could be improved i dont like it being so damn huge.. A page per year would be good.
  9. What do you think about..... APFMH no guests... Mike does verses and chorus..... playback vocals from Chester from bridge to the end.
  10. I would love to have rotating guests for huge Chester songs like OSC or APFMH.
  11. There's no way Mike can do justice to Breaking The Habit.
  12. No one in Julien K can scream like that pretty sure it's a ghost collaboration to avoid WB getting in the way.
  13. Two words: wasted potential What a fucking masterpiece!
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