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  1. Yeah dude actually Mike needs the rest of the guys there's a huge gap in terms of quality of his solo stuff and LP stuff.
  2. wow that source is so amazing dragon fest footage is so damn good
  3. NICE CATCH! Yeah it sounds very similar This Dragon Festival video deservers more love!
  4. Joe Rogan was badass on this one. Some guy tries to discuss conspiracy theories about Chesters death and Joe just tells him to shut the fuck up several times
  5. yeah dude it gave me chills please help to keep this thread going thanks to all the people who shared a video, actually there's some stuff that i've never seen before
  6. the only performance of the album version of Darker w Aoki
  7. It's very interesting to me that there are some videos that i've never seen before, would be cool if we share some of our favorites i found this video yesterday, it's new to me haha
  8. Not top 5 career decisions but here we go again 1) The cancellation of Docklands 2001 live DVD: The mixing of the tracks was so good and what they showed for the HBO Reverb was so amazing Thanks LPL for the work print! 2) Cancellation of LPU CD releases 3) The lack of support to the Grey Daze project from the LP camp, it felt kinda wrong that the main LP accounts never posted anything about it i know that it was like a business decision. 4) Numb is the most watched rock video OF ALL TIME can we just celebrate that achievement by releasing a remastered 4k version of it? no... let's wait until Meteora turns 20 FUCK THAT.
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