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  1. I just revisited the alternative version of SOTD I kinda like it better
  2. His weird ass bass solo was awful now we know why they cut his parts
  3. Demos & Interludes are not allowed BEST 1) A Place For My Head 2) Papercut 3) Crawling 4) One Step Closer 5) Mark The Graves 6) The Catalyst 7) A Line In The Sand WORST 1) Halfway Right 2) Battle S. 3) The Messenger 4) Burn It Down 5) Invisible 6) Talking To Myself 7) Good goodbye
  4. i had one hard drives are bitches haha it randomly crashed and i lost tons of stuff that i never got back
  5. Fantastic interview guys Too bad that no one comments about it
  6. Very interesting story dude! im glad to finally have some word from you thanks for all the memories
  7. Well according to me these are the different versions of HT 1 Original 2 Unmastered 3 Dolby Atmos if you want to count the mastered for iTunes that would be 4. I love the Unmastered version.
  8. I can't complain to this I love when Alt versions appear I don't like to listen to music via streaming it's cool but the sound quality is not good enough for me
  9. I can't neither agree or disagree until I listen to this mix with the proper equipment.
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience! the standard version of HT is the best way to listen to the album but i love that we now have 3 options to listen to it, i love having a total different version of this album. btw i dont think that the correct way to listen to this version is via headphones im still waiting for a review of someone who listened to the album in a sorround sound/ home theater
  11. 1 OML full album /done jk 1. halfway right because.. NANANANANANNANANA ANANANNANANANA NANA A 🤪
  12. The interviews page needs a spoiler/hidden button
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