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  1. Killer JAM They nailed it so fucking bad i just wished that LP had this sound in their latest album, Cristin Davis did some fun and punky riffs congrats Grey Daze!
  2. Some wrong data but i liked the mid 2000s vibe of the video
  3. Andrew released Pictureboard w Mark W. TJ has the audition tape (instrumentals) Rhinestone/Esaul/Pictureboard
  4. I don't think that the band cares about the leaks but probably Blue doesn't want to get in trouble.
  5. Chester was one of a kind Demonte is a guy that had bad luck he's a good singer kinda sounds like Staind/Seether
  6. I'm listening to the interview right now I always thought that TJ was like a temporal bass player, so wrong! Thanks TJ for sharing so much information and tracks with us it's better to share this kind of stuff to us people that appreciate every second of Linkin Park music Talking about TJ he has a great voice but he wasn't what LP needed
  7. yup they did a wonderful job resorting Chester vocals but they can't do a miracle their very old demos are 100% impossible to be used
  8. She was on my top 5 of guests from that night killer performance of COG she nailed it and Rest was the perfect 'funeral' song.