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  1. poll is now closed which options were availaible?
  2. Mike lies: ''your remix was awesome'' LOL all of those remixes were awful, they should have given all the layers of a single (like FM's RTN)
  3. chester really needs live inside a bubble im affraid of him got a coma in next time :? and don't forget which he got sick during meteora recordings... I agree... he should live inside a bubble but... get a coma? I hope no :cry: btw... I'm sure Chester'll get well very soon i don't know, but chester is too weak to a normal person, i think he have a serious problem in his organism TOO WEAK? c'mon man, try to travel around the world like he does and you will know how painful is that.
  4. They should do the tour with some special setlists of Linkin Park's hip hop side, songs that they dont need Chester, and an acoustic set with Brad on lead vocals. {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_geek.gif
  5. post your thoughts i know that this will be awesome!!! dont hate it until you watch it! some remixes on the cd would be AWESOME but this is Linkin Park so dont get your hopes up, they will always dissapoint you.
  6. thank you for the files, but.. flyupload? click 4 times to get the download link? oh c'mon rapidshare and megaupload are far better.
  7. no matter how much the ''hardcore'' fans say that this show sucks, you were in the show? NO just because the mixing of the DSP wasnt good enough doesnt means that this will suck atleast it will be better than LIT *prays to get some bsides in the cd*
  8. more than 100 i use my sony ericsson cellphone as an mp3 player i only have 2 gb.
  9. I still Believe that the 3 piano songs of the Edgefest wasnt done just to be special i believe that they had some technical problems with guitars or something else they were forced to begin. btw BTH piano version was awful.
  10. worn out? no way! i still enjoy most of HT songs, its a dream to have OSC as an closer song =)
  11. the huge problem with this album is that it doesnt have the right balance about heavy/soft songs and another big problem is that they repeat the same lyrics over and over how many times does chester says 'bleed it out' ? TLTGA would have been better if Mike could have more lyrics in its vocals and what about ''with HHH in to a sky so blue as the ocean opens up to swallow you''? they need to work this out
  12. because they didnt played RME That and because they didn't even play that well IMO. Fuck Milton Keynes. Everyone that went to that show acts like it's the best thing to grace the Earth when in reality it's just like every other LP show. It wasn't cool when Jay-Z came out because it wasn't a surprise like MSG was. Where's the fun in that? You are being jealous lol
  13. i hate rick rubin with passion! very nice that you put that to members who had 0 posts i know why you did this, cause rick rubin never talked about the band in the making of..
  14. wow thats like a full album lol you remind me that im tired of FTI and BTH too the good thing is that the touring cycle of MTM its almost over! we need a new album
  15. actually im in love with the PMA piano version, but... of the old version!! the version that they have been played its TOO SLOW Points its an old school song, but i still love it, all the new stuff that they have done makes it wonderful, i love when they 'flip' the second verse ^^ ''bring it back rob!''
  16. There are some songs that are overplayed, when i download every SBD i cant listen to the whole thing because IM SO SICK of SOMEWHERE I BELONG i hate the intro, i fucking hate the chorus, everything! i dont think that someone will miss this song haha other songs that im sick : Don't Stay it doesnt have anything special.. they have better songs Numb.. and LOATR its a weak song and it didnt made it in to the charts.
  17. i love the whole album but sometimes im sick of runaway , cfti and by myself
  18. just post some links! http://www.linkinparkcrimea.com http://www.bazinga!.com http://www.lpamerican.com http://www.linkinparkmedia.com http://www.roadtorevolutionbr.com/media thanks to everyone who takes the time to upload all of this.
  19. May I ask how in the world this makes the band better? this is a dumb question... im not gonna answer it... *back to topic* The topic is "what do you think LP could do to make itself even better?" I'm asking, how does Mike wearing a hat and earrings make the band better? It's so random. their clothes dont make a difference, but hey! chester looked awesome in the 2000-2001..
  20. the band should expande them like.. if the band wont have that electronica side again let joe hahn play more instruments i know that atleast he can play guitar.
  21. 1st Week Options: DVD 10. Wantagh ’08 (Stage) Audio (Flac) 14. Yokohama 21-10-03 18. Nippon Budokan 27-10-03 does the Wantagh dvd has SBD audio? i would love to have all of this!!! great idea i love LPL ^^
  22. i dont think that they will go indie someday Chester is a rockstar, he loves the money and fame if that happen someday maybe chester will leave