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  1. I lived the HT & MTM era and they were the biggest band in the planet MTM was huge but not as big as HT or M
  2. It's great that my comment inspire this, thanks for your time I actually like it a lot great job man.
  3. Im talking about the sound of the album , vocals dont count. Part of the sucess of Amends for me is that it kinda sounds a little bit like LP.
  4. Serious question (No trashing allowed) What if OML had the sound of Amends? specially from tracks like She Shines/Morei Sky/Sickness that sound kinda like LP
  5. Wow so many positive comments, that's great. They are going to make another master piece, the collabs are so fucking great. I need Corey Taylor on this one or J. Davis.
  6. I am making my list based on what I believe was the perfect choice to have a successful comebacks HT /OSC METEORA /SIB MTM /WID ATS / WFTE LT / BID THP / KEYS: Heavy song that has the elements of the old LP and a guitar solo that shows some kind of evolution, very catchy. OML / Nobody Can Save Me The only song that stands out and has the signature LP sound the rest of the album is a complete mess of disposable music (except for OML)
  7. I'm a huge fan of this book much respect to Jeff Blue I do believe that without him Linkin Park would not exist. Astat thanks for doing this interview I know that you consider me annoying as fuck haha but I respect you and admire your work for the LP community since the early days. The book really makes you feel inside that period of time and makes you feel sad with all the struggles that they experienced. My favorite era will always be the HT days cause I lived that era I visited linkinpark.com everyday it was actually a cool website and the community was a
  8. We should keep this thread going with every update available of Amends II Cristin Davis ''Dave has been a guitar hero of mine since I was about 16 years old. What a dope day. #GreyDaze @greydazeofficial @sean_dowdell @greysquirrel65 @esjayjones1 @brianvirtuemusic @chesterbe @davenavarro''
  9. so that's the guy who's going to win the Grammy? wow congrats genius.
  11. will you do nightcore versions of your own songs?
  12. He is smart who would do a comeback in the middle of a pandemic crisis without concerts? LP will comeback but im sure that it will be next in 2022
  13. it's pointless people would buy for their collection but a greatest hits at this point it's unnecessary, unlikely and who needs it when you have so many streaming options.
  14. Mike Tiknoda Mike Cashnoda Michael Trendy Shinoda
  15. the comments on this awful shit damn this is why he keeps releasing crap the com
  16. Exclusive Happy Endings NFT EP 01 Happy Endings (Flanger Effect Remix) 02 Happy Endings (Instrumental with reverb) 03 Happy Endings (Erection Remix)