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    Chester is part of my soul.
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    Monterrey 2012, Ciudad de Mexico 2012, Monterrey 2015

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    Linkin Park's #1 Fan In México
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    Dexter, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Movies

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About Me

24 Years old hardcore fan from Mexico

I've been rocking with Linkin Park since i was 13, now im 24, holy shit i can't believe that i have 11 years being a hardcore fan!

I love to talk about the band, i listen to it everyday, my favorite song is A Place For My Head
i've been on every legendary site of the band like pushmeaway, curefortheitch, linkin-inside, lpamerican, lpfuse and of course my favorite one is LPLive

Last year after waiting for over 10 years i had the chance to see the band live in Monterrey & Ciudad de Mexico those were the best days of my life, i just want wait another chance to see them again!

My Facebook account.