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  1. When I read the reviews of OML i imagined that the songs sounded similar to that Hole remix Bummer.
  2. About the participation of Joe. Straight quote from Linkinpedia "During the recording of THP and OML Hahn did a lot of scratching, he scratched his balls"
  3. I dont buy that THP songs that they never did was because they were very complex and difficult to play live, technically they were way harder than any OML song. they even dropped GATS because the linkin ladies got hurt while playing it. OML songs were easy for them to play them thats why even Mike on his solo tour was able to nail them.
  4. someone should create a list of songs w scratching
  5. APFMH ↗️ Forgotten is a killer duo.
  6. I dont follow Mike streams and I dont listen to his instrumentals I heard Dropped Frames V1 and i didnt like it call me stupid but the person who paid that much money for something that is not actually exclusive man what was he thinking... It's too much music, I dont feel excited to listen to his instrumentals anymore. Sometimes less is more.
  7. that guy should pay Ostrish for the HT documentary
  8. Would love to know what the highest bidder is thinking
  9. Perfect for crazy collectors. It aint worth it for me I dont like the idea.
  10. Yeah Davis loves Chester it would make sense for him to collab since his bandmates were on some tracks. Who else would be likely?
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