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  1. The film is based off a book, which I heard is actually pretty good.
  2. Yes, that's what I thought, it's not LP 100%.
  3. What about RAZORS.OUT & SUICIDE MUSIC? Are the "rare" remixes like the Depeche Mode & Massive Attack ones count too?
  4. Unless he or they go crazy and decide to tour all over the world for real, including countries that have never ever seen him or them perform, I sadly don't see that possibility happening.
  5. Remastering my ass lol! Unless someone gets a good "remastering" of Meteora without the random noises on certain songs, I will not believe anything.
  6. It seems more complicated than just blaming one part of everyone involved. But again, that doesn't justify the fact that many shows didn't get a proper release, from London 2001, PR02-04, to Japan 2006, Europe 08... even that supposedly Fort Minor show in LA if we're being more open. Money isn't an issue anymore, you don't need to waste it on manufacturing CD's like 15 years ago, you can just release it digitally without a problem.
  7. Still, that does it mean there's a lot of official unreleased DSP's from 2001-2006, I don't think because they dislike 1 or 2 songs from an album they haven't released more live perfomances to the public yet, I guess it's just because laziness? Or Warner? I don't know.
  8. It's always a very interesting conversation when we talk about the legitimacy of the stuff released or unreleased by them, and I'm thankful for linkinpedia for doing god's work of explaining stuff like that.
  9. Yeah I know. It's still weird not including those songs.
  10. HT still has that goddamn Rock Band version of OSC, PT is pretty neat and Reanimation is missing X-Ecutioner Style, Wth>You, My<Dsmbr & Kyur4 th Ich.
  11. Good for him then ^ Are you using iTunes?
  12. I only remember being aware of the winner (you could download the stems from a few parts of the song for free If I'm not mistaken) being featured with the upcoming new single at the time, don't really recall reading any reward about involving the winner with the album.
  13. X-Ecutioner Style, My<Dsmbr and Kyur4 the Ich are missing for some reason. I could even maybe include tracks such as [Chali] or [Riff Raff], but I understand them not being included just because they're more like transition tracks.
  14. Wasn't NoBrain the winner of The Catalyst remix contest? Didn't know he mixed WTCFM.
  15. Absolutely. Listening more to it I quickly notice hearing certain parts of the songs as how they were mixed with vocals is so satisfying to experience again, I will not deny, I teared up a bit with The Messenger. Almost 9 years later still gives me chills, and now listening to it without vocals it's even deeper.
  16. Awesome! Even though most of the songs were already released as "official" instrumentals from the Rock Band multitracks, it's very cool to hear them properly. Now Reanimation is next.
  17. Preview: https://instaud.io/3KxR damn, if they're truly lossless (including the actual official OSC & SOTD instrumentals, and fixing some quality issues of the Meteora CD) then the price might get a bit crazy.
  18. God, can't freaking wait for the rest of the album (thought at times maybe it was just me but the quality sounded a bit weird towards the end). Reanimation next I guess?
  19. I know you started some shit on chat and I ignored it for the sake of not breaking the good vibes, but now I can't ignore it after this. Dude, if you're gonna troll, be more original, because you're going (sorry not sorry) full retard now. Stop acting like a fucking child everywhere around here. If you're truly Geki, then why keeping creating new accounts? Do you need any type of help? Or you're just straight up a garbage human being with no life?
  20. That's fucking awesome. It's very rare to have "proper" DSP's from 2000-2006.
  21. I doubt there's any instrumental version of Recharged, as example. But I'm 100% convinced that there's an instrumental version of Mike's remix of LOATR (the 2009-10 LPTV intro had it).
  22. Yes. Both ATS and Reanimation (the only 2 left) instrumental albums do exists, it's a matter of time before they "leak".
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