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  1. '93 born child here. I mainly prefer Reanimation over Recharged but I would be too dumb to not appreciate Money Mark's remix, probably my favorite of the album, also I might be one of the few people that liked Mike's remixes from the late 2000s, such as Gold Guns Girls or Death to Analog. It says a lot about you guys taking this extremely seriously.
  2. Interesting, never seen it before.
  3. Amazing, thanks! I also wonder what 'Minutes To Midnight Website Clips' is.
  4. How did you know about the working titles of Slip for example? Fascinating stuff!
  5. Got an e-mail asking me my home address, hopefully I'd get it before the year ends.
  6. The band being experimental trying out different things/methods > playing it safe. That doesn't mean I wouldn't mind hearing other more conventional stuff though. Does this exist?
  7. Contacted them the second the tweet was posted, waiting for response. Edit: the code was fixed for me.
  8. Allegedly MT for some demos are a thing: Sounds legit to me.
  9. I have every modern standard player except 4K so BR should've been perfectly fine to me.
  10. You're 100% with this. Thankfully the recent SW movies were shot on film and not digital like in 2 & 3 (1 was actually shot on film aswell).
  11. I hope there's more official/unofficial Mark's tracks (love him, no irony) so this guy or anyone that constantly, for no reason, keeps bringing Mark down because his name wasn't Chester Charles Bennington, can keep acting like a 5 year old. I'm 100% thankful that they decided to use the original '99 artwork with the scary baby, always loved that design way more than the LPU '01 re-release. But I guess they used the remasters and not the original tracks.
  12. Does anyone rembember that one random moment around 2011-2013 about a video where Mike was in front of a laptop either doing an LPU chat or else, joking about the name of the upcoming album at the time? Either for LT or THP.
  13. Well, that's unexpected from him. I know Ryu and Tak have been very vocal about Warner fucking with them big time (funny cause Ryu posted a while ago on his social media accounts that he didn't recieved a milestone plaque for RTN and he 'jokingly' answered a question someone else did about him asking for Mike to send him one of those). I don't know but the whole Welcome remix confussion/music video was already very weird to me.
  14. 99% likely this too aswell. There's a crap ton of unreleased Meteora stuff before they started recording.
  15. 126 pounds for me, over 140€, not complaining.
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