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  1. Everyone's allowed but you're 2 are acting like if Geki possessed a few people here and started acting extremely hostile and rude towards others that have a different take.
  2. My last comment was even more sarcastic than the previous one.
  3. I want the cool badass Nü Metal studio version of Heavy released. That would be better than everything they've been doing since Jay-Z made them lose their passion by doing cringeworthy mash-ups.
  4. It's my favorite Pop Metal song right after Rob Zombie's Dragula.
  5. Not the thread but like you said, "Some statements are just factually wrong". Each to his own, end of topic 😉
  6. The argument of the 'filler' in ATS is as old as the album itself though lol, and MTM not aging well is totally subjective. Just because you give a more cohesive response doesn't mean it should be automatically respected or accepted.
  7. 'meh'? It was very entertaining from top to bottom. Them reacting with their faces was way better than just typing.
  8. Don't wanna beat a dead horse, but jesus f****** christ, everytime I see someone getting married, 80% of the time it ends in misery and bad terms.
  9. It was a bit hard already to get some decent fan stuff in the early 00s, imagine in the late 90s.
  10. This has been explained endless of times but, if you didn't notice, he sometimes starts ranting and then he gets really mad out of nowhere changing his opinion for no reason. Okay? All clear, let's stick with the main topic.
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