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  1. Didn't know that until now.
  2. I'm still (kinda) confused about the whole independent release though. Wouldn't Machine Shop suit perfectly for it?
  3. Not a fan of that specific sound but it complimented the rest of the record well.
  4. Gosh, OD sounds fresh with the added fan vocals, liked the rough early version but the final product feels alive. And yeah, please ignore the obvious Geki clones.
  5. Damn, she was born in 2002, as old as Reanimation, crazy lol. Remix is fine, nothing amazing but neither crap.
  6. Funny cause I reaaaaaally like the original track. This guy has made very good remixes for a long time, my personal fav. might be WFTE.
  7. Is it that bad compared to her material from 10+ years ago?
  8. Thank you so much. Is this the same as the one listed here? Cause it's 10 seconds longer: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Forgotten
  9. 200% this. Aside of that, if this album didn't had the poppy sound many would've praised it very hard, kinda how I see Mike's Twitch chat at times people asking for guitars because as everyone knows, only 'real' instruments work for music.
  10. It's a better heavy song overall than some from THP, IMHO.
  11. SFN has grown on me quite a bit. It has an MJ touch at times.
  12. Fascinating and unexpected answer by him. I'm a massive NIN fan, love Trent's music pre and post-Atticus, that could've been a crazy combination. The thought of comparing The Fragile and ATS is definitely inside of me.
  13. You're more than that, you're cool as hell and one of the wisest/respectful fans I've known so far. I meant 'good human being' to Sean in the worst sarcastically way possible
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