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  1. I doubt there's any instrumental version of Recharged, as example. But I'm 100% convinced that there's an instrumental version of Mike's remix of LOATR (the 2009-10 LPTV intro had it).
  2. Yes. Both ATS and Reanimation (the only 2 left) instrumental albums do exists, it's a matter of time before they "leak".
  3. Yeah, always seemed weird to me, kina how OSC isn't the album version but the Rock Band multitrack version.
  4. I heard multiple times that when something very rare like that "leaks" it's usually fake, but I don't see LPCatalog lying here, they're definitely 100% legit, we all know as an example how hard they used a lot of Reanimation instrumental tracks on LPTV's, bts stuff, etc, especially X-Ecutioner Style, so those actually exist.
  5. LPCatalog has added the acapella versions of The Requiem & The Radiance, and the instrumental albums of Post Traumatic, Reanimation and A Thousand Suns.
  6. Given Up is still probably heavier than most songs of HT/T, I could even include THP itself.
  7. I didn't know this was a thing until last year. It's not directly related to LP but, as we all know, Mike, along with Joe Trapanese, made the original soundtrack for the movie, which I still can't get over how good it is. It wasn't released in 2012 as the original soundtrack, but instead 3 years later. Anyone knows what it sounds like? https://mondotees.com/products/copy-of-the-new-york-ripper-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-lp?variant=1635191427 (it sould out a while ago here, but you can still get it in other places too).
  8. That's incredible, thank you so much. Any chance of also uploading DVD stuff? I downloaded the Roxy Theatre MP3 but it would be nice to have the DVD files too.
  9. It has a similar vibe (along with Dead By Sunrise), funny hearing that it wasn't heavy enough for certain people. Tastes aside, it's a fucking great track, either screaming or singing ballads, Chester could do it.
  10. Since around KROQ 07 they haven't bothered to fix it. Why does the remasters from 01 and 03 sound so freaking good compared to the "professional" mixing? Who's in charge? It's really annoying.
  11. Gekis was a troll that changed his mind all the time. Who said here we bash people who have different opinions? He was just trolling all the f*cking time, not even trying to be consistent, he was banned because he was annoying, and it seems he was very annoying on LPA too.
  12. I agree, the LT tour cicle was probably the only REALLY good thing from that, VICTIMIZED/QWERTY was something truly fucking amazing to remember. Short and sweet.
  13. Disagree, LT was the weakest one. Production wasn't nowhere to be "good", as I said, with a few exceptions. Rubin worked fine on MTM & ATS, I don't know what the hell happened there, never truly liked that album.
  14. LIVING THINGS might be a "better" option for that, it's the shortest album of them all after OML, and it felt rushed for the most part, with a few exceptions. It's likely the least favorite album to me. Aside for that matter, I'm enjoying both new songs, PYW is great.
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