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  1. Does anyone rembember that one random moment around 2011-2013 about a video where Mike was in front of a laptop either doing an LPU chat or else, joking about the name of the upcoming album at the time? Either for LT or THP.
  2. Well, that's unexpected from him. I know Ryu and Tak have been very vocal about Warner fucking with them big time (funny cause Ryu posted a while ago on his social media accounts that he didn't recieved a milestone plaque for RTN and he 'jokingly' answered a question someone else did about him asking for Mike to send him one of those). I don't know but the whole Welcome remix confussion/music video was already very weird to me.
  3. 99% likely this too aswell. There's a crap ton of unreleased Meteora stuff before they started recording.
  4. 126 pounds for me, over 140€, not complaining.
  5. First time I hear this, what? Tak trashing Wakefield for no reason?
  6. He was just singing over a base easily made by Mike for the lols (just notice how extremely similar sounded to 98% of the Meteora demos we've heard so far, same drum machine and guitars).
  7. Nice, never heard this one before. I like the use of classic old school samples too.
  8. I guess Lestat de Lioncourt came to mind now and makes it 1000 times funnier.
  9. CFTI MTM remix, his solo DJ perfomance during the THP tour cicle or the Hawaii 5-O remix as a few examples. Pretty solid if you ask me
  10. What I've got from here: Sean is still a massive a**hole, Warner used to be awful as hell and 'Lestat' being my favorite word of the day.
  11. Because there's none. What you saw there it exists because they were messing around, that's it. Not hard to follow.
  12. I hate when we don't get more unreleased shows through stuff like this
  13. Finally listened to Mark's 'leaked' version multiple times, I dig it, quite a bit actually, people who say he sounds not good need to check their ears lol. I also really like hearing Joe's vinyl sample sounds there, can't wait to hear Chester.
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