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  1. Don't wanna beat a dead horse, but jesus f****** christ, everytime I see someone getting married, 80% of the time it ends in misery and bad terms.
  2. It was a bit hard already to get some decent fan stuff in the early 00s, imagine in the late 90s.
  3. This has been explained endless of times but, if you didn't notice, he sometimes starts ranting and then he gets really mad out of nowhere changing his opinion for no reason. Okay? All clear, let's stick with the main topic.
  4. Is this Garret speaking? Bromas a parte, after all of these years I still think the prices are very high.
  5. They should be fine money wise, because the whole sponsorhips thing scares me a bit, especially when it reminds me of Mercedes (still weird to me to this day even though yes they constantly support them, more after Chester's passing). They should be able to make and release whatever they want whenever they want, without corporate figures looking at them, Don Gilmore style when Meteora was scrapped and rewritten again. Machine Shop is always a choice, in the meantime, it seems like they aren't going anywhere from Warner.
  6. He constantly changes his mind and then he justifies his actions with "I have mental issues". I told him over and over again that having issues doesn't give you a free pass to act like a dick. I've been here for over 8 years and I've never met anyone as cynical as this dude. Not gonna bother to read the whole bible here because it's pointless.
  7. It says I need a premium account, any other way to get it?
  8. I was aware of him winning with TC but not this one. Very interesting.
  9. The film is based off a book, which I heard is actually pretty good.
  10. Yes, that's what I thought, it's not LP 100%.
  11. What about RAZORS.OUT & SUICIDE MUSIC? Are the "rare" remixes like the Depeche Mode & Massive Attack ones count too?
  12. Unless he or they go crazy and decide to tour all over the world for real, including countries that have never ever seen him or them perform, I sadly don't see that possibility happening.
  13. Remastering my ass lol! Unless someone gets a good "remastering" of Meteora without the random noises on certain songs, I will not believe anything.
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