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  1. I don't like covers either - no one should be playing Beethoven after 1827. That's his shit. I hate how everyone is suddenly a Beethoven fan since he died. It's not like a sizable portion of musical history is built upon people performing other people's music and that's a large part of why musical works even survive in the first place, or anything. Also, here's a homophobic slur, because I'm 11 years old.
  2. Oh, dude, trust me it's all good! Genuinely got a laugh from that reaction (trust me, the number of time's I've heard that thing, I f'king hate that guitar too... I hardly blame 'em!). Fan of the site and long-time lurker. Enjoying the shortlist in the original post. All good x
  3. Heck, I'll take it! * Hammers piano repeatedly, something about ruby quartz glasses and inanimate obstacles... *
  4. Great news, very much looking forward to the record! Although it feels a bit strange to be talking about a new record so "soon" (in "LP years") after the last record. Good to see they're still committed to releasing more music, more often. I think people are maybe misinterpreting Mr Trapanese's comments about Mike/Linkin Park being "pop" music. He's contrasting his experience of working in the film industry to Mike's experience working in the popular/contemporary/modern-day music industry. He uses the term "pop" in a generic sense, as an umbrella term for modern music, where the focus on records/singles/radio differs entirely from his work of scoring music for motion pictures. I think he could have said this regardless of what pop/rock/punk/metal/hip hop/dance artist was sat next to him, simply to refer to the industry they work in. In a generic sense, Linkin Park music is "pop" (popular/modern) music. Beethoven, for example - not so much.
  5. What else are you looking for from a musician but good songs?
  6. The first (and possibly only) time I will see Limp Bizkit and Monty Python in the same sentence! Surely there are laws against this sort of thing! I jest dude, each to their own
  7. M_Macd

    LPU 11 Launched!

    That's alright, no worries! It's not a major issue at the end of the day, I'll just have to be patient and wait for the physical CD to arrive and I can relish in my lossless audio bubble to my heart's content Good luck with your college courses! That preview of Program is really nostalgic. I used to listen to that clip from the Frat Party DVD so much that, in my head, I can still hear Phoenix doodling on an unplugged guitar in the background behind the camera. Then the moment when it jumps to the scene of Mike playing with the Somewhere I Belong sample. And then... actually, forget the description, I'm off to watch Frat Party now...
  8. M_Macd

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Yes, what you say here makes sense, obviously you couldn't just 'upscale' a 192kbps MP3 up to a lossless format because, as you described, all you have is a "lossless" copy that still sounds like 192kbps. But (and I might have got the wrong end of the proverbial stick here) isn't it the case that people are requesting for the original, unencoded, untouched, uncompressed, lossless source files, as found on the master disc from the mastering engineer and found on the subsequent physical CD release, to be encoded to a high quality MP3 bitrate (320kbps) in the first place, and then uploaded to the store? I don't think anyone is suggesting that we take MP3 files which have already been encoded at 192kbps and RE-ENCODE them to 320kbps. I think people just want the original source files from the master disc to be encoded using a higher MP3 bitrate in the first place, much like I imagine they would do with an iTunes/7Digital/Amazon Digital release? Anyway, hope I've worded that half decently and it makes sense. Besides, this is a small niggle of mine, I'm delighted with the LPU11 release as a whole
  9. M_Macd

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Just bought the annual package, so I'll have to wait a few weeks for the CD to reach the UK, but judging by the previews, I'm really looking forward to another great LPU CD! I might have wet myself a little bit when I realized that Program is, as someone mentioned earlier, a song we hear on Frat Party. I believe it's the scene in the back of the tour bus with Mike and Phoenix, where Mike is demonstrating the Pro Tools rig they have there? Great to see it's finally surfaced on a CD, even if it is just an instrumental. I'm half tempted to buy the download to get immediate access, wide-eyed and laughing manically as I throw my money into the wind! Although since someone said they're only 192kbps, I'll probably restrain my foolhardy enthusiasm and wait for the higher quality CD. On another note, it's great to see that it's getting a generally good response on here! I don't post much, but I visit LPLive daily and this is probably one of that most upbeat discussions I've seen in a while
  10. Lol, I don't think it's stereotypical when you consider that he is in fact a rapper himself. But I get what you mean!
  11. Hey guys, I've been watching/listening to a few video and audio rips of the show. I'm noticing there's a difference in the audio between some versions. One version appears to have quite clear, upfront vocals (my personal preference) the other has a kind of slap-back style echo to it, that I find a bit distracting (but by no means a deal breaker). I think it might be the difference between the original (censored) broadcast, and the uncensored stream available on iTunes? Or perhaps it's just the way it's been ripped by somebody? What do you guys think, anyone else noticed this?
  12. Thanks very much for doing this! I was at the show (it was incredible) but unfortunately I can't view the iTunes stream currently (need to update my Mac OS from Leopard to Snow Leopard) so I'd be very grateful if an HD rip was made!
  13. Hi Hahninator! Thanks a lot for the welcome dude. I'll take along my camera and I'll see what happens when I get to the Meet and Greet, hopefully I'll get some pictures. Post-show thoughts to follow!
  14. Hi guys, First post here on LPLive. I'll be attending the show tomorrow (or today, as it is now!). Only my second Linkin Park show after Manchester last November. I also have my first M&G, so I'm really looking forward to that. I'm coming to the show from Aberdeen. Would anyone mind telling me if there's any kind of camera policy or camera "etiquette" if you like, during the M&G? Obviously I'd like to take my (small, handheld) camera into the M&G session if possible, but I don't wish to appear rude or out-of-line if the venue has some kind of no-camera policy or if the band doesn't appreciate people taking photos/filming during the M&G. Looking forward to tomorrow! Maybe see some of you there.
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