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  1. Let me explain something about Argentina. I CREATED THE EVENT when I read the same jornalist who confirmed the Brazilian concerts saying about this date. "He was right about 4 concert, probably he'll be right about the 5th" I thought. This happened weeks ago and I don't remember exactly when I read about this rumor but I know that some members from linkinparkbr.com updated their Twitter personal accounts with this info. But now, almost 1 month before the date we can see that is TOTALLY FAKE the info and I can't delete the event from last.fm. It's almost impossible for the band to confirm a date so close. For me the dates of South American Tour are closed, or we can say the dates of 'Brazilian Tour' are closed.

    I dont think that it's "totally fake", you see, Banco Frances has announced the presale (even if th dates aren't exactly right*) and I don't think that they would put up an announcement like that without it being true. I know we have yet to see the official announcement from the band but... I think its pretty possible for it to be true.

    * the actual presale dates are from august 27th to september 2nd and the sale to the general public begins on the 3rd. as it was confirmed by a person from marketing dept. of the bank.

    And following the official announcement we'll also have info on the LPU presale too.

  2. Haven't heard the audio yet, I'm at work, but I can't be more excited for Chester hinting a new South American Tour so early. Thinking about the possibility of having them play in Buenos Aires one year from now ... is amazing.


    And the snippet of BID reminded me a lot to New Divide!

  3. You're being ridiculous. It honestly doesn't matter what competition this band has, the community always has a problem with it. Eventually, they are will stop doing them because they will be exhausted from the complaining.

    Look, I will like them and their music the same as yesterday, and the same as 10 years ago. This is the first time I get in a LP contest, and I'm complaining because THERE IS AN ACTUAL PROBLEM WITH IT'S RESOLUTION, it's no like we are inventing some imaginary issue just because we like it.


    But you know what? arguing with you and trying to make you understand our point of view is not getting us anywhere.

  4. A lot of people on this thread are being jealous and ridiculous. The band chose what they wanted, move on.

    Are you not reading everyone's replies to this thread? It's not about winning or not winning, it's that the guy broke every rule on earth (alright, he missed the rules 'cause they where 'hidden' or whatever, either way it's not an excuse), and the 'judges' did too when choosing it as the winning artwork. It's not fair to us who submitted our artworks by the rules. This goes beyond jealousy! I don't care who wins it as long as it is a clean win.

  5. Great chat. I was glad I just got home and thanks to someone on facebook I learned he was on. Haven't been on a LPU chat in ages! Usually they happen while I'm working or at uni... Also, tinychat messed a little with my login and so I only listened to the last 5 mins of the video chat and then I was able to be in the entire chat part.


    At the M&G in Buenos Aires last year I also told Chester that they should play one of the songs on the cookies cd as a joke. lol.

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