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  1. 4 hours ago, gorast said:

    MTM could be another one where the vault opens and a mountain of shit we don't have the slightest clue about falls out. Cartoonish amount of stuff could be on an MTM box set.


    I also wonder if future hypothetical box sets would bundle in the live albums, like how HT20 includes Reanimation. You could throw in Live in Texas, maybe re-sequence the CD to include the LPU 3 tracks, and do the same for MTM and Road to Revolution. I wonder if the Meteora box would stretch as far as including Collision Course stuff - that might be too far removed from the era proper, though.

    I wish them to do that, but since they haven't released shows on their complete form like Monterrey/Berlin 2012 when they had the chance (on bonus DVDs) I'm quite skeptikal 

  2. 2 hours ago, hahninator said:

    Interesting. Jeff is probably not involved in the band's HT20 celebration because they don't have a good relationship with him (see: "Get Me Gone" by Fort Minor, & Mike's stream where he mentioned the "In the End" demo). So this is his opportunity to cash in on the album anniversary and blowout.


    No doubt there will be good info here, and great photos especially. Check the photos of Chester on the cover without flames, and also of Mike's Xero tape. He saw Xero at the Whisky, so he probably has awesome info and photos. Jeff was very instrumental to LP getting signed and getting them to Warner but it's a shame he made the band so mad after they started recording the album.

    Maybe I'm dumb, but if never fully understood the J.Blue/LP relationship. Was he the guy who discovered them and fight for them to be signed at WB, but then, like many other people at the label back then, started throwing shit at them with the "You should fire that rapper". Sounds contradictory, and I don't know what to expect from this book

  3. 5 minutes ago, Comfortinthepanic92 said:

    THIS. THIS. AGAIN, THIS. They tried something new, they did the writing process backwards and had collaborations with songwriters, and regardless about the opinion on the final result (I love it, you think it’s mediocre) you have to give credit to the band that could have just phoned in another LT-style album  (I like LT but it’s safe) and instead decided to take a big risk 

    Yeah buddy, without experimentation we'd never have The Catalyst, Waiting for the End and another beloved songs. The best thing about this band is, if you didn't like their newest output, you only have to wait 'till the next one. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, SasstielExperience said:

    I mean, they just wanted to try something new. I don't really understand the sentiment that "outside collaborators = bad". There's a purist argument to having everything done solely by you/your band, but I've always thought bringing in third-parties to work with brings new ideas to the table and can take songs in new directions that they might not have gone in otherwise. They basically had the exact same songwriting process for 20 years or so. Why not flip it up for an album and start with lyrics and bring in outside collaborators.

    That's it, there's nothing wrong with changing your way of making an album, It could have been something good or mediocre. For me, OML was the second. But I prefer to fail doing something different that screwing up with the same old shit. 

  5. Some songs like NCSM, GG and Heavy have grown on me during these years. But in general I'm still feeling this album as very generic in terms of sound, despite the lyrics. For me, the their weakest work to date. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, martinez said:


    Go with the original webcast version. That's the best quality IMO. They totally ruined the tracks that's on the officially released EP by providing to them different mix.


    The very similar thing they did to Live In Madrid, live tracks (officially released on A Thousand Suns: Puerta de Alcalá and ATS bonus version) are not as best as the version released on ATS+, so I would recommend to have the ATS+ lossless version or at least mp3 that's on the DVD.

    That's exactly the kind of info I wanted. Thanks a lot! :D Also thanks for the Live in Madrid info, I already have the original DVD plus the lossless tracks you released, but it's always good to know

  7. Talking about the iTunes festival, I've heard some complains about the sound quality of the official EP,  but I don't know why. Since I'm updating my bootleg collection, which is the best source in terms of audio quality? The original webcast, the reuploading without Wisdom, Justice and Love or even the EP? Thanks!

  8. On 4/27/2020 at 6:29 AM, lpplus said:

    You guys already said everything but here is three more:

    2- Releasing the shows we already watched on TV as official DVDs like ATS+, LT+,etc. We have Madrid 2010 show in feed quality ( a 20 F*CKING GB video). I mean didn't you guys have other shows that filmed proshot under your pillows?!

    You know what was even worst? When they released some of the shows without the missing songs, f.e. the monterrey and the Berlin 2012 shows. 


    I have a theory about the ommited songs from Live in Texas. You know, back in 2003 downloading music was already a big deal, BUT DVDs not so much (I mean, there was screeners and all that, but I'm talking about DVD Fulls). LP weren't the only ones doing that. The labels thought "Well, if you want to hear the FULL show, you have to buy the DVD! and we know that you can't download it 'cos it's too big and your download speed it's too shitty". Of course they were wrong and years later, if you wanna to sell a live DVD, you have to offer extras, like the full audio on CD

  9. 2 minutes ago, mrfox said:


    demo vocals, where? I thought there are exactly the same vocals like on the two GD albums.

    I think they were alt.takes, but in any case, it's a grab cash, at least for me. 

  10. After all that happened with the Amends promo and all that surrounds it, I'm sorry but I won't waste my time on it. I'm really glad if some of you enjoy it. But to hear some reworked songs with demo vocals, just for the sake of hearing Chester's voice again, we had 17 years of live recordings, I'm stuck with that.