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  1. Calm down hun, there’s still more different versions of the Grey Daze vinyl than there are Mike tracks! (I’m obviously kidding around 😊)
  2. I get the feeling it’s because Meteora is generally harder to find on vinyl these days.
  3. I’m fairly certain it’s sampled from something by the band X-Japan - I can’t really comment on exactly what as it’s been many, many years since I last listened, but I’ll try to figure it out.
  4. Another reason why it’s not a cash grab - and this is something I learned since getting into niche perfumes and colognes: it’s far easier to sell 20 items for $10 each, than 1 item for $200. if this was cheaper, it would be easier for them to sell more and their profits would possibly double due to high volume sales rather than higher profit markets, but they’re selling it for what it’s actually worth (or better) - and I think of it as an integrity move.
  5. Yeah, we know haha. I have the full song with vocals, a lot of people do.
  6. This is just a remake of it. The Xero version of Pictureboard leaked recently. If you want it, just send me a PM.
  7. Did we not get the sample from PB in one of those gear auction things? I may be remembering wrong though...
  8. I’ve tried emailing the oldcomp@linkinpark.com but it bounces.
  9. Black Thought truly is a beast. I have so much love for The Roots.
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong (Astat will know) but LP used to mix most of their guitar tracks to be most prominent in their centre channel - so turning down the centre channel in general should bring down the guitar volume.
  11. Hilariously, the amount of shit they talk about LP and yet they have to use an LP photo to sell their shit...
  12. The 'We are' vocals on Technical Difficulties are from Brandon Belsky, iirc.
  13. No We Major neither! I'm obviously kidding...
  14. The only thought I have regarding this is that it wasn't only the end of the MTM tour, but the end of Geki's spirit. RIP Geki's spirit.
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