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  1. Hilariously, the amount of shit they talk about LP and yet they have to use an LP photo to sell their shit...
  2. The 'We are' vocals on Technical Difficulties are from Brandon Belsky, iirc.
  3. I'm sure you guys heard it earlier, as you've definitely seen the music video years before that.
  4. No We Major neither! I'm obviously kidding...
  5. The only thought I have regarding this is that it wasn't only the end of the MTM tour, but the end of Geki's spirit. RIP Geki's spirit.
  6. NoBrain did a little article with LPA (I think it was) regarding the experiences. Then during the 2010 ATS tour, there was a note on the setlists with something along the lines of "(w/ NoBrain sample)" after WTCFM. The prize was to have your remix featured and do a little work on an LP song, as mentioned.
  7. As far as memory serves, the screaming of 'we are' is in fact Brandon Belsky, not Chester.
  8. Of course people are going to cover Chester. He was a voice of a generation, and people want to celebrate his voice, his music, and his life in different ways, and one way that is what I see to be one of the most respectful is singing his songs. Geki: You said you sing his songs sometimes in the past. If they cant, why should you? Does that mean youre gay too? Look, its fine not to like something, but be respectful about it. Not everyone will have the same view as you, and whilst youre entitled to your opinion, youre also entitled to bite your tongue every now and then. Just because you CAN say it, doesnt necessarily mean you SHOULD. Be tasteful.
  9. They are songs he wrote or helped write. He can play whatever he wants. Also, would love to hear you sing Sorry For Now, as its so easy...
  10. A few of us were told by a member of Dead By Sunrise at a dinner event.
  11. Just a FYI, they were originally going to use In The Darkness by Dead By Sunrise in Twilight, but it would have meant they couldn't release it on Out Of Ashes, so Chester suggested LOATR. Let's also keep in mind the world was rather unaware of Twilight before the movies. Agreed that they had a following prior to the movie but it was the movie that made it mainstream.
  12. Mate, you're jumping the gun and being completely insensitive. We've lost the singer to our favourite band, but you can't compare the pain we feel to the pain his 5 closest friends feel. Mike made it obvious that any prolonged time listening hurts him. At this moment in time, he can't do it, let alone sit through untold amounts of content with his late best friends voice.
  13. Geki, I thought you left because you're not a fan? In all seriousness, you're out of your mind man. Your suggestions are awful! (not having a dig, they just seem crazy haha) Oli is an AWFUL live singer. Unfortunately had too many experiences seeing this... Shadows would forget lyrics all the time - he hardly remembers his own hahaha. Jon Greene would be good for the clean stuff, though ideally we'd need one person who can do both. Shadows COULD do that, but we need someone who isn't active currently.
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