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  1. Because I have 9 month old twins and any other venue would probably involve a stop over in the city. Used to do every show of the tour but unfortunately those days are gone!
  2. Totally gutted. The first LP tour I won't be seeing since before 2003. Though, to be honest I'm not sure how I'd have felt going to the arena, it would have been emotional.
  3. Ok, I've had some thoughts. Like people say it's really generic, it wouldn't be out of place on a teenie bopper movie like Twilight. The song seems immature, which is fine for the girl, no idea how old she is or who her demographic is but for 40 year old men? I'm disappointed in their credibility. I do still quite like it though, nothing wrong with a shit pop tune.
  4. I can't decide quite how I feel about it. It's stuck in my head though.
  5. I was at the Osaka, Tokyo and Sendai shows having travelled to visit a friend from the UK. They were by far my favourite shows, simply epic and totally a new experience for me (the Fort Minor show was about half an hour before the LP show and in Osaka you had to cross over a bridge over a motorway/highway to get to the next stage!) I can remember the next morning after Osaka finding an Internet cafe and trying to battle through the Japanese keyboard to post about QWERTY on the LPU and let fans know about it. Sendai was a very special, intimate show where LP were completely relaxe
  6. I've been sorting out a lot of things in the house recently and came across a load of old floppy disks! (Google it if you don't know what they are!!) Fortunately I have a floppy disk USB reader and I've found a few old LP interviews from Meteora and earlier so thought I'd share them with you. They were just saved as word documents, I have no idea where I originally found them but I obviously liked them enough to copy and paste them into word. I only know what is below and cannot prove the authenticity of them. Rollingstone Magazine Article: 3-14-02 Linkin Park The Magnitude of
  7. We are separate countries, I know many Scots and Welsh people who frequently get peeved at being referred to as English, we are all proud of our countries (especially in Sport). Personally as an English person, I don't mind, I know where Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin etc is, but perhaps others don't. This is the flag often used to represent Northern Ireland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Northern_Ireland#/media/File:St_Patrick%27s_saltire.svg
  8. When the clothes look terrible on the models it doesn't bode well for me. I am officially no longer in Linkin Park's age demographic! I'm assuming the new LPU shirt won't be one of these? Or by one of these designers right?
  9. I've been away so I'm late to this disappointing news. I'm mostly disappointed in Chesters commitment here really, it was a worry we all saw instantly so why didn't he, or his family? I'm sad that all this groundwork has been put in establishing himself in the band (both he, lp and their fans taking a lot of stick from stp fans*) but it was a waste of time. I'm mostly disappointed that I never saw them live, which I always knew was unlikely (living in England where STP weren't big at all) but still, I've loved STP for a long time, loved Scott and obviously love Chester so I naturally woul
  10. It was interesting how Chester and Brad seemed to be desperate to go home. Didn't Mike say that particular tour was difficult for Chester? (I may have misinterpreted this as in quite sleepy)
  11. What's with the flash mob competition? Fans should just be thankful that they're seeing LP perform live!
  12. I am so excited and happy for you!!! I love awesome moments like that!! I bet you keep remembering it and grinning like a loon! Some of my best meet n greet moments are from Mike 10 years ago on the FM tour.
  13. Thank you, we have a 4 hour drive back from the London show and I have work the next day so just trying to work out the level of tired i'll be!
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