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  1. I don't understand LP fans rejoicing over this. Sounds like Chester is "their toy" which should only belong to "their favorite band", aka LP. At worst, if I didn't enjoy STP, I would just be indifferent to this sort of news.
  2. I really hope they will include GATS and ALITS in the same set, one day. In my opinion, GATS really was the best live song from THP so far, and ALITS has made a big impression on me too now. On the opposite, they should just get rid of Wastelands.
  3. Yeah, because a CD full of live performances you can as well watch on Youtube would be infinitely better.
  4. I don't think LP has a lot of tracks like ATL in their vault. Maybe there are none at this point.
  5. That was an interesting listen, and I have to say, I am really surprised at the raw, heavy, dirty sound of those ATS demos. Also, I just love the fact that all of those, except for BTH, were totally unknown tracks. It just feels better, in my opinion, to discover brand new stuff rather than alternative versions of old stuff. Favorite tracks: Aubrey One, Blanka, Rhinocerous
  6. I can't get over how good this record is. I'll see what I think in a month or two. But if things keep going this way, I now have my new favorite LP album.
  7. Man, this album. This fucking album. Never would I have though LP being able to pull this off so well. I quite enjoy LT, but this record is a million times more intersting to me. It's not even close. I can't describe how happy I feel right now. And while it's true that my hype is influencing my opinion at the moment, I can still safely I have never been that excited after a first listen of a LP album.
  8. Good song, I like it! Verse 2 and bridge are indeed the best parts
  9. Damn. That hip hop medley is great. And DAT Joe Solo...fucking genius. I'm very pleased with this set. Hopefully they'll keep it for RIR!
  10. Good song. I prefered GATS, but this is nice too
  11. Wow, that snippet just sounds epic as shit! What a vibe Seriously, if things carry on this way, I'm definitely joining the "Might become my favorite LP record" wagon.
  12. Sure? It's weird, because.... And yeah, btw, Chester hates nu-metal. Unfortunately, I don't take Chester's opinion as godly.
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