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  1. One step closer 2:36

    Bleed it out : 2:49

    Faint 2:46 i think

    So drawbar is a song

    That doesn't prove anything. CFTI is longer than OSC so I guess OSC isn't a "song" then. I'm hopefully it has vocals but let's try not to assume to much.

  2. i'm lying? Yeah, "Lying From You". haha. dont want to brag about it. just wait until the pre-order on iTunes and by that time, you'll be happy with the tracklist.

    Get over yourself dude. Yes the LPA is choosing not to post the rumor but your reasoning for that is complete bullshit. Personally I like the tracklist and the whole midevil vibe of it.

  3. Posted Image




    I clearly remember LPA being #1 fansite to post every sh*t that sounded remotely legit without even check the source back in LT cycle, "it makes hype" was the motto back those days.




    They don't feel ashamed for taking fun of other fans/sites who are constantly mentioned over their "shoutbox" with the caption "haters gonna hate", don't feel sorry for people who doesn't feel sorry for their behavior.

    Quit being an asshole, Stranger's comment was a blatant lie and LPL members talk smack and post fake shit too.

  4. They didn't end up useing the live strings they recorded for Faint so I think that you should remove from David Campbell's list. Also the strings for Blackbirds were recorded in the same session as all the other songs from MTM with the same performers so you can add that to the lists for all those people.

  5. David Zasloff - shakuhachi on Nobody's Listening


    David Campbell, Joel Derouin, Charlie Bisharat, Alyssa Park, Sara Parkins, Michelle Richards, Mark Robertson, Evan Wilson, Bob Becker, Larry Corbett and Dan Smith - strings on Breaking The Habit


    David Campbell, Charlie Bisharat,Mario DeLeon, Armen Garabedian, Julian Hallmark, Gerry Hilera, Songa Lee-Kitto, Natalie Leggett, Josefina Vergara, Sara Parkins, Matt Funes, Andrew Picken, Larry Corbett, Suzie Katayama and Oscar Hidalgo - strings on Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day, Hands Held High, The Little Things Give You Away, No Roads Left and Blackbirds

  6. Is there an actual story behind "Yesternumb" besides just "it was the Grammys"? Did someone in the band reach out to Paul McCartney? I'm just curious.

    The people who run the Grammys just like to ask people to collaborate. This year they have Metallica performing with some classical pianist.

  7. On all the acoustic songs (My December, Crawling, PMA, ITE) at KROQ AAC 2001


    Source 1 is what you're looking for. You can get it here.

    Whoa I never realized that there was cello in those performances before, I wonder why they never had him play the Krwling intro live.


    Anyways to answer the rest of Anality's question he performed cello, as well as violin, only on Opening, Ntr/Mssion and Krwling.

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