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  1. Don't know if i'm crazy but the version of Songs From The Undergroud sounds a lot better IMO.
  2. Now , 3 days after , the video has 1,567,215 more views Holy shit!
  3. How the hell this kind of stuff get leaked? I'm pretty sure this is not from a promo CD or something like that.
  4. This thread is getting intense lmao Anyways , glad to see Mike back on stage. I hope there's a tiny chance to see him in South America on this tour
  5. So ... how they get this demo?
  6. I'm hoping for a couple of songs from the South American tour. The crowds from all countrys was amazing
  7. Thank you guys , i didn't know that. 0:05 That voice lmao
  8. 1.07:36 Please correct me if i'm wrong. But that's Phoenix playing guitar on LOATR?
  9. Yup. And i really don't know why because the rest of the bands on the festival sounded great until LP. Who's Pooch's replacement now?
  10. I was there. The only bad thing about this show was the sound until OSC. We almost didn't hear anything before that Besides that , it was an really amazing show. The crowd went fucking NUTS on every song , too bad you can't clearly see it on the webcast. We need more shows in South America.
  11. LIVESTREAM @ http://www.vorterix.com Maximus Festival 2016 was also broadcasted by the same web , but they didn't show the perfomance of Rammstein ( headliners from that year )
  12. I'll be there. Linkin Park , Slayer , Prophets of Rage and Rob Zombie on the same day. It's going to be great
  13. It it's just me or the names on that tracklist are really depressive ?
  14. I wonder the quality of a webcast in 1998
  15. "Be the first to see what everyone will be talking about" Damn , they were right. Awesome thread
  16. Garajedelrock.com and Recitales.com.ar posted the same thing on their facebook pages but nothing about march. There's definitely something going on. https://www.facebook.com/garajedelrockAR/photos/a.1001991763262323.1073741828.817732308354937/1036287629832736/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/RecitalesComAr/photos/a.1465284870401407.1073741828.1446659015597326/1777584359171455/?type=3&theater
  17. 2017. It's not the exact date but it kinda makes sense because the album will be out probably. The band already started a tour in the past in South America with A Thousand Suns. Also , Maximus Festival ( a huge metal/hard rock fest) will be in april on Argentina and Brazil. So let's see.
  18. http://www.vuenosairez.com/ar/ciudad-de-buenos-aires/agenda/linkin-park-en-argentina-2017/162653 There's people who work with producers and also this site says there is going to be a show in Argentina next year. Vuenosairez.com says March 15 as a possible date , but it's not confirmed.
  19. I think you're excited. Anyways , congrats to all the mexican fans. Hope LP can make time for a show or 2 in South America this year ( not only Brazil )
  20. Nothing new about Rock in Rio Brasil or South America?
  21. The last show in Argentina was announced at the end of August in 2012. I still have some hope
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