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  1. MrCinder

    "Cross Off" Music Video

    I'm pretty sure it's just an unfortunate case of Resting Bitch/Bored Face
  2. MrCinder

    "Cross Off" Music Video

    The jimmies, they are a rustlin' I was personally disappointed that the drummer seemed bored, but that's a nitpick. Really impressed they got John Cena for the video though!
  3. MrCinder

    ATS vs OML Backlash

    I think it's just because I was more active on fan sites (was on both LPL and LPA) that I saw the backlash from ATS more than OML. People despised Catalyst, got nasty about Wretches & Kings (i.e. "I'm done with LP if they don't have the rest of the album be this style") One More Light's backlash that I saw was mainly in youtube comments and well, that's self explanatory. On LPL, it seemed run of the mill of vocal users who hate everything post Meteora, with the few exceptions of "MTM is the best and everything before and after is awful". Wasn't even on LPA so there's a large chunk of reactions, good or bad, that I missed. Verdict: ATS because it confirmed MTM wasn't a one off before returning to make Hybrid Theory 3. OML has contender as being the 4th "LP is going mainstream pop to appease the normies" cycle with the added detriment of them actually exploring more pop-like songs.
  4. MrCinder

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    1) 13 year old article about scuffle in contract 2) Chester saying he may put out songs he whipped up on his own rather than try and get DBS set up again 3) Stretch Armstrong, dude. Also, would like to point out the top review of the album was written either before, or right as Battle Symphony came out, for a grand total of 2 songs. I guess I'm missing something bc these links all seem like stretching
  5. MrCinder

    Can't Hear You Now - Official Music Video

    Anyone else get an Apple iPod commercial vibe?? Not my favorite, but definitely cool visual and I'm curious if it was a single shot or he spliced different takes when he ducked down. What's left for videos? I'm waiting for the day I can watch the whole album in one go
  6. MrCinder

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    I think Geki is the only person I've seen who believes that LP fans are all "you can't say anything bad about any song!" I know I've said that I like one song, or don't like another and never felt attacked. The main thing he is missing in the post above yours was people didn't get angry at him for not loving a specific song, it was because he got hostile and downright mean unnecessarily in his 'critiques'. Seeing Mike speak on Chester at his show, he's definitely not doing everything trying to make a buck off him. If he is, well, his performance has been so damn convincing that he deserves to get the money for "duping" everyone. Granted, WBR is a company, so money will play into decisions (OML Live was greenlit because it would sell enough to not be a loss), but they also understand the damage that would occur if word got out they were using Chester as a cash cow
  7. MrCinder

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    I'm willing to bet that is like a general idea of people rather than any specific person. Meanwhile, if Prove You Wrong were included on Post Traumatic instead of IOU, the album would've made it to my "Perfect Album" list - Albums where I love every song on the first playthrough. THP and MTM are on there for LP, Sufferer and the Witness for Rise Against, and I think like 3 other albums total. I really love the build up and the bridge to the end is absolutely incredible and makes me hope the next LP album will have a similar vibe. What the Words Meant is taking a bit to grow on me. It's not bad, it's just "yeah it's a good song but let's go back to PYW because holy shit!"
  8. MrCinder

    Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic EP

    I still can take or leave some of OML's songs. Chester's death only made me see a different side to the songs, giving deeper/new meaning. That being said, I think Geki's baiting based on his earlier post in this thread
  9. MrCinder

    Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic EP

    ****NOTE****I'm not saying replace or forget Chester in this post**** After hearing these songs, reading the lyrics, seeing his update at the end of Watching As I Fall, and the vibe of the Twitter replies - I think that when LP finally regroups and makes new music, they may archive their work up until Looking For An Answer. Over Again really makes me think performing any song that Chester's touched would be too painful to keep playing and revisiting. They're going to find what will work best for them, but I wouldn't blame them if they took some more time to heal, then "started from scratch" as a five-piece band with maybe a 2 part larger comeback album in a few years. If they went that route, the extra tracks could give them material for a decent setlist, but I wouldn't expect/want them to play older stuff if it's gonna hurt each time.
  10. MrCinder

    A Look Back At 2017

    This year has been rough here too. I had full mental breakdown in May, was recovering from that when July happened. My fiancee made me take a mental health day that Friday. I've pulled away from LPLive for my sanity but still lurk to check in bc I like you all I guess. It's still a long way to go, but I'm starting to see progress. LIGHTS' album Skin&Earth healed so much of my heart, as did seeing Julien-K and my LPLive friends having happy moments. We're still here. We've made it this far, so let's keep setting our own high scores.
  11. MrCinder

    Why Jon Green is a Perfect Fit for Linkin Park

    One of the most common arguments/beliefs I've seen in recent months and in regards to this show is that Linkin Park is going to continue and sound the same as they did before. They're not. They just aren't. Even when realizing this, I still had no idea how they could move forward, as a different sound, etc, but Hahninator makes some great points - Jon Green isn't the Chester replacement, he's just a person who would fit in with the band. I don't know what they're planning for the future. I hope they (though doubting it's happening this year) "close out" the OML cycle with an LPU cd and start fresh for 2018. It's not going to be the same, never will, but Jon would definitely be an asset to the band and I feel he'd give the proper care to the music and memory of Chester.
  12. MrCinder

    Is it over with Linkin Park?

    I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone mention Alex MacMillan/Razor Red Noise guy. As it's been said, nobody can replace Chester, but he does well with Heavy other than the highest notes. https://youtu.be/WAZPoGf8mzk On another argument - whether for a tribute tour or whatever they decide - what about Ryan Shuck/Julien-K? Close friends, guy's got an objectively great voice, and he would bring his A game and heart every song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bau-EZVOyPg
  13. MrCinder

    Linkin Park announces North American Tour

    I will be at the Tampa show!!
  14. MrCinder

    Linkin Park announces North American Tour

    I'm actually seeing Muse in that ampitheatre in a few weeks on vacation lol
  15. MrCinder

    Linkin Park announces North American Tour

    I expected them to start Miami and go north, was really pissed for a second thinking Florida got shafted lol Finally gonna see them after 14 years of being a fan!!