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  1. The point was that they give more to a discussion than just "this is shit". I know ATS's filler argument is a dead horse, it was a dead horse 3 days after the album leaked. MTM is completely subjective. Both at least open it up for a response that can progress the conversation. Let's put it like this: "How was work?" "It was trash" "Well why is that?" "It's shit"
  2. Back to the subject a bit more, I absolutely love Lights and glad she's finally collaborated with Mike. For people wanting to check her music out, I have a list of songs that I feel are more likely to appeal to LP fans, basically working backwards from her most recent to older: Love Me - Felix Cartal ft Lights Long Live - Lights ft Travis Barker Amateurs - Sleepy Tom ft Lights Drama Free - Deadmau5 ft Lights Warrior - Steve James ft Lights Lost Girls Savage New Fears We Were Here Moonshine Magnetic Field Almost Had Me Up We Go Same Sea Speeding Oil and Water Slow Down Lucky Ones From All Sides Where the Fence is Low Everybody Breaks a Glass Suspension Flux and Flow Fourth Dimension Ice (mainly for the bridge being nuts) Saviour - The Angry Kids FM Mix
  3. "This is shit" "This is total trash" - neither add anything to discussion. Nowhere did I say you aren't allowed to do that, but maybe add value or even just substance. Your opinions on anything content-wise could be replaced with a bot coded to switch between canned responses. ^^^^you can criticize something, but at least provide substance to back it up. i.e. ATS as a whole front to back album is fantastic, but the fact it was toted as being 15 new tracks but only 9 actual songs and an instrumental with 5 interludes that seem thrown in is kinda bullshit. The non singles on MTM did not age well to me, I think it's due to how stripped down everything was that makes them sound unfinished/unpolished. vs ATS is trash, MTM is shit
  4. Do you want a martyr card stamp or tiny violin. Nobody's getting worked up over people not liking a song. People are pointing out edgelords repeating the same exact insufferable phrases for the past 13 years. Each album's had good and bad tracks and people have different tastes in the music they prefer, but if all you ever are going to say is "this is shit" to every single thing for years, then why are you still here? I've had other bands where their albums stopped appealing to me, but I don't sit with a plate of chicken tendies squawking about how anything they do is awful.
  5. I think you and spraypaintinkpens and you are the consistent "shit on everything". Even Geki comes around on some stuff or had variety in his opinions. It's a Steve Aoki song, you care a bit apparently
  6. Holy shit, I'm so pumped! Mike and Steve have done some awesome shit with their past songs and I absolutely adore Lights. I've been wanting Lights and Mike to collab and I'm totally down for this
  7. THANK YOU I haven't been too big into Grey Daze, but I had 2 tracks I used to listen to that my friend sent years ago saying they were MTM B-Sides. Found out they were GD, then forgot about them in the years since. Knew one was Starting to Fly and couldn't for the life of me think of any part of the second one. It's Believe Me, so thanks for solving that for me lol
  8. And they couldn't have gotten Steve McKellar? or Sydney Sierota? I don't think they're too hard to get. I'm on that LP theory
  9. Gonna toss in an observation of Julien-K's promotion of Time Capsule. Fans asked if they were releasing Chester and DBS tracks and they said how they're working to try but licensing, etc. can be messy and it might just not pan out. No claims like GD with their "WB wanted to wipe our music from the internet even tho that was actually us". Front of the album is artwork, back is the 3 core JK members. Chester appears in the booklet with them, not from an LP performance. Brandon Belsky also appears from JK music video shoots, not from his other band's performances. Using a photo from Linkin Park material that has nothing to do with Grey Daze outside of Chester being in both bands in his life is trying to capitalize on the brand recognition of LP.
  10. Honestly, I've become so much less excited about this release the further it goes with promotion. They worked with Julien-K, they need to ask them for advice on how to promote. I doubt they have more material - I think it's an attempt to sell more of this album with an inevitable "oh yeah it didn't perform as well as expected so we can't pursue the other releases"
  11. *press X to doubt* I look forward to you messaging me "OML sucks" shortly
  12. Bold of you to assume LPL peeps aren't working behind the scenes to bring us the content they do? I thought there was visible contact with Adam, I think, where he was just like "don't blow it up, but you're fine releasing". If that was on twitter, I am willing to bet BTS there was more discussion
  13. Doesn't invalidate the argument, Geki. I pointed out why the Non-OML songs were included despite possibly also being popular in past releases. Again: Numb and ITE and legendary level popularity. They're gonna be included WID, LOATR, BID, and ND are both extremely popular among even casual fans. They also showcase Chester as the main vocals and showing his range. BIO is the closer. It's been the closer to main set or encore for countless shows. Crawling was included. Of those, LOATR, ITE, WID, BIO, and Crawling all had some kind of change that made them special and more than just a standard live version. LOATR and WID had incredible intro/outros. ITE had the "mix up the audience" bit they talked about where they would stop singing and have the crowd only randomly. BIO had singalong, Crawling was stripped to piano. They could've used more space, yes, but they didn't and they chose to include just the standard version songs, so the jimmies can cease their rustling. Idk which DSPs you've been listening to but the quality on a ton have been amazing, especially the 2007-2008 ones. Pitt and WPB are excellent. ATS Tour had some with a little "eh" mixing due to the quick turnaround, but the Paris, London 2, and an Australia (whichever one Pez played) show were same quality. Take it up with the band
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