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  1. I was lucky enough to be at this show, and this is awesome to have. Thanks =)
  2. I bought one of the Akai as a gift for my boyfriend. Hopefully it will still have samples on it like a few of the other items appear to have.
  3. Over Again is my favorite of the three and the one that speaks the most to me at this point in my life. My mom died just over 2 weeks ago and I as I sort through her things and settle all of her affairs, it is all these reminders that she is gone and saying goodbye as I complete each task.
  4. Personally, I focus on the lyrics more than the music itself. OML is like a suicide note of sorts, but I also hear my daughter's voice in the lyrics, having been dealing with her attempted suicide, self harm and mental issues for the last couple of years. Some of the songs are extremely similar to things she has told me over the past several months. I find things that relate to my life or the lives of those around me in most of LP's songs though. The focus on music is going to be different for everyone, and no one is right or wrong in their focus. It is something that is personal and specific to that one person. It isn't any different than the preference between liking horror movies or comedies.
  5. I will be in LA on Thursday afternoon until sometime on Sunday. Hope to meet lots of you.
  6. I have such a heavy heart today. I have been a part of this community for so long, but my LP story goes back even further. I was pregnant with my first baby when I discovered LP, and I remember so clearly how much she would kick me whenever they were playing on the radio or tv. She will be 16 in less than 2 weeks, and they formed the soundtrack of her life. I didn't get to see them live until Summer Sanitarium in 2003, and Chester, with one statement, made me appreciate them so much more than I already did. He said that women have as much right as men to be in the pit without being violated. From that first show to my last show, in 2014, when things came full circle for us, and I brought my daughter to see them for the first time. Yesterday my phone blew up while her and I were out running errands, and I wanted to wait til we were home before I told her. We were in Verizon getting a new phone for my sister, and I felt this tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find my daughter, with this look on her face, and her phone held up. She said "Mom, I need you to look something up for me.... I just saw something that said Chester died." My heart dropped, I had just read Derek's (from LPA) message that confirmed the stories were true. I just nodded and told her Derek had confirmed it. I have never seen my child look so distraught. LP was something that has been a constant in our home her entire life, and she knows the band as well as I do, and appreciates them just as much. We were looking so forward to seeing them again and again together, and now that is just gone. I am beyond saddened. I only hope that Chester is at peace now, and that he has escaped his demons. Mental illness is something that is so overlooked and stigmatized, and it costs so many lives because there isn't enough help for those that most desperately need it. Rest in Peace Chester.
  7. There definitely needs to be more of this type of show from Chester, especially now that he's left STP.
  8. Guess I need to start listening to Live105 again and try to win tickets.
  9. Apparently I'm one of the only two people from here that is going to this show. =)
  10. I probably have the strangest "how did you get into listening to LP" story ever. I was pregnant with my first child, in early 2001, and had mtv on, back when they actually still played music videos, and one step closer came on and my daughter started kicking like crazy. It, and she, both had my attention. I guess she liked it.
  11. Interesting fact that some of you might know already, but in 2011 a band approached Mike at Live 105's BFD and gave him their music on an ipod. It was Beta State. I am really glad to see that they won.
  12. Oh but he "never tours as STP" but his current tour is called the Purple to the Core tour and he sings mostly STP songs.
  13. Apparently it wasn't an official thing until now, and that was what the lawsuit was based on, by changing it officially, Scott can no longer tell them they can't use it.
  14. http://kroq.cbslocal.com/2013/08/30/stone-...ise-ep-release/ In response to Scott Weiland's lawsuit against the band, they have officially changed their name to Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington.
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